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Black Hills Information Security Testing Services

One of the leading information security firms is Black Hills Information Security. Why so?

For one, they offer good solutions for other companies. So, they can have good infosec. Aside from that, these solutions are cost-effective, too.

But, what services do they offer? And how can they help companies?

Read on to learn more about Black Hills Information Security.

But first, let’s talk about why information security is critical today.

The Need for Information Security

Information security (InfoSec) is something that we should take note of. And this is critical especially nowadays. But why?

Cybercriminals are getting smarter these days. Before we know it, they already found new ways to steal information.

Unfortunately, not everyone knows about this. In fact, only a few companies put importance on this need. Why?

One reason is that they underestimate the danger of security threats. Some even think that they are not serious at all.

On the contrary, these threats are very harmful. It can even result in losses on a company.

For one thing, it can damage their reputation. People would think that they don’t care about protecting private information.

So, most customers would not trust them again. And that means loss of customers. In the end, it would have a great effect on their sales.

Granted, there are some companies that have security controls. But, they don’t make efforts to improve this.

To help them, there are InfoSec firms like the Black Hills. With its services, they can maintain and even enhance information security.

But, that’s just the tip of an iceberg. In this article, let’s consider Black Hills’ services in detail.

Black Hills Information Security

For many years, Black Hills has helped many companies. And their services are available for many industries, too. Such as:

  • government agencies
  • health care services like hospitals
  • financial organizations like banks

In a nutshell, they are experts in the following security fields:

  • penetration testing
  • security staff training
  • vulnerability discovery
  • phishing assessment
  • incident response

Now, what are the services that the Black Hills offer? Let’s find out.

Black Hills Information Security Services

Let us consider the following services and tests:

  • Data collection
  • Command and control test
  • Apps tests
  • External and internal network tests

Black Hills Information Security Tests

Data collection

Data is important in knowing the details of an attack or hack. And with that, Black Hills collect those needed data. So, a company will learn about:

  • know the attack surface
  • learn if the information is breached
  • how the hacker entered

Command and control test

This type of test will help them know if it’s possible to fight the attacker. Then, they can do the following steps:

  • detect and prevent an attack
  • block incoming malicious app
  • stop data leak

Apps test

Apps are common in companies and even individuals. The Black Hills can test the following types of apps:

  1. Web apps
  2. Mobile apps
  3. Wireless apps 

External and internal network test

Having external and internal tests help companies know if their systems are secure or not. So, they can detect threats early on.

They can also secure the following areas:

  • computer ports
  • computer ports
  • vulnerabilities
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