Cybersecurity Without Experience

Can You Enter Cybersecurity Without Experience?

Cybersecurity is attracting a lot of attention nowadays. If you are planning to land a career in it, you may be asking, can you enter cybersecurity without experience? If you are someone who is interested in the field, learn these tips on how you can do so.

The Demand for Cyber Security Jobs

Experts forecast that there will be a significant increase in demand for cybersecurity jobs. It is to grow double or even thrice in the coming years.

 If you want to become a part of this growing field and are wondering if you can enter cybersecurity without experience, then know that you can.

If you don’t have any experience, don’t worry. Here is how you can enter cybersecurity without experience:

Do You Have a Degree?

The good news is, if you are planning on entering the field of cybersecurity, you have some options. 

If you have a degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, or Cyber Security, then you will likely be eligible for entry-level IT positions. 

But, if you do not have any experience, but have a degree in this field, then this could count as experience to some employers.

If You Have a Technical Degree

If you have a degree in any other field and were drawn to this profession because of your interest in security and your technical skills, then look into positions that require someone who is skilled technically. 

Many entry-level positions may require technical skills and may not necessarily require previous work experience.

Do You Have Any Certifications?

If you do not fall under the above categories, don’t worry! This doesn’t mean that there aren’t any options for you when it comes to entering cybersecurity without experience. 

As previously stated, many entry-level IT positions do not require previous work experience. However, they may require certifications to qualify for the position. 

The fact that there is such a high demand for jobs means that there will be many job openings for those who are new to the field and who need more certification before they can start working professionally in cybersecurity. The only way to get these certifications is to study hard and take the exams!

Entering Cybersecurity Without Experience Can Be Done!

There are ways that you can enter cybersecurity without experience if you don’t already have it from another career or from your school studies. 

By taking the right steps, including getting certifications and working hard on passing exams, you will be able to enter cybersecurity without having worked professionally before.

It can be hard to enter a field that you are passionate about, but it is possible! You can find ways to enter cybersecurity without experience and succeed. For instance, you can do so by working hard to get the right certifications, get a degree that is applicable to the field, or by landing an entry-level position that doesn’t necessarily require experience. 

By doing this, you can enter cybersecurity and land the career you want.

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