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The Best Cyber Security Tips You Need to Know: Work-from-Home Edition

Cybersecurity is a global concern we need to deal with. So, what are some cyber security tips that can help?

Let’s find out.

Cyber Security in 2021

As if the COVID-19 pandemic is not enough, cybercrimes are also becoming a global issue. Now, it became more persistent than ever.

Over 2020, we hear a lot of news about breaches and attacks. And this year, we see no sign of them decreasing.

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Worse, studies show that one business will be hit by ransomware every 11 seconds in 2021. In fact, they said that one computer will be hacked every 39 seconds. 

Well, why are we seeing this dramatic increase? Actually, the COVID-19 pandemic brings influence to this.

True, working from home protects a lot of employees from the virus. But, it makes them more prone to cybersecurity attacks.

For one, it shows a lot of security gaps. So, securing these should be a top priority for us.

In this article, we will share some cybersecurity tips that can help you in the new normal.

Cyber Security Tips for 2021

Secure Remote Access

As mentioned, working from home (WFH) is a big help now. Companies had to adopt this work model to follow the health protocols.

So, employees don’t have to go to their offices. Using an Internet connection and their gadgets, they can do that and more.

But, this poses security risks. For one thing, hackers can exploit network access. So, it’s important to secure this. But how?

One tip is to always secure your connection. To do so, you can use a virtual private network or VPN. So, your device’s connection to your network is safe.

Also, it limits access to those you only allow. It will also send alerts if a threat actor is spotted and denied.

Another tip is to use multi-factor authentication or MFA security. It gives more security to your VPN.

It also works by requiring verification before someone can access your network. And this verification can be any of the following:

  • password
  • security question
  • pin

Segment Your Network

Network segmentation can also add more security. But, how does it work?

As an illustration, it’s like a boat structure with compartments. So, only one section of the boat will flood if there’s a crash.

Similarly, network segmentation divides your network into sections. And if an infection happens, only one section will be affected. So, it won’t damage the whole network.

Email Security

Another tip is to secure your emails. Usually, this is the most common channel for attacks, such as:

  • ransomware
  • phishing
  • malicious URLs
  • viruses

Today, we see a rise in pandemic-related phishing attacks. Hackers use the vaccine as a theme to attack people.

So, having email filters will help block harmful content. For example, you can use a DNS filter. So, you can prevent access to IP addresses before a connection ever happens.

Best Cyber Security Tip: Unified Endpoint Management

Of all tips, having UEM is the best and most important. It has tools that allow a company to get an overview of its security.

So, IT teams can secure and manage multiple devices at once. It can also put limits on certain accounts. 

For example, an employee can only open company resources using their work laptop, and not on their smartphone. So, the company can ensure safe access.

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