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Cybersecurity Service Your Business Must Have

What is the top cybersecurity service you should have? Also, how can it protect your information?

Let’s find out.

Why Do We Need A Cybersecurity Service?

If 2020 taught us one thing, it’s that we should have strong cybersecurity no matter what the situation is. 

In fact, there is a rise in pandemic-related cyber attacks. It also increased by 600% compared to 2019.

Businesses are not exempted from this. Even employees. Now that most have adopted the work-from-home setup, it poses more risks.

And it’s true that technologies are becoming more and more innovative. Yet, hackers are also advancing. Each year, they think of new ways to attack systems.

So, businesses need cybersecurity services. What are the top ones you should have?

List of Top Cybersecurity Service

In this article, we will discuss the following services:

  1. Perimeter security
  2. Intranet security
  3. Human security

Let’s discuss them one by one.

Cybersecurity Service Explained

Perimeter Security

Perimeter security is like a wall. It is the barrier between your network and the Internet.

Today, we use many Internet-connected devices. Companies also use cloud technologies.

But, it can be vulnerable to risks. So, they should protect those devices.

Easier connectivity also means easy to hack. And if that happens, malware can spread through the entire system in no time.

Some examples of perimeter security include:

  • Firewalls – set of protocols that detect what can and can’t enter
  • Intrusion preventions system – identify malicious network activity
  • Spam protection – flagging emails and blocking ads

Intranet Security

Another cybersecurity service is an Intranet. And it helps if the malware is already in your network.

Intranet protects computers from damages. For example, it includes the following software:

  • Updating and patching software
  • Anti-malware software

Human Security

Humans are the weakest link of security. But, they are the least detected threat. Why so?

Most companies think that having an IT team is enough. So, they can protect against major threats.

But, they often neglect human security. Unfortunately, there are even insiders in the company that exploits cybersecurity.

Also, IBM’s study stated that 23% of all security breaches are caused by human mistakes.

Just one click in a spam email can cause crippling results. Or they have weak passwords. Or connect to unsecured Wi-Fi connections while accessing work files.

If they do these things, firewalls and other apps will be useless. Also, apps without humans are useless.

Human security is not something that security firms can offer. But, it should come from the company culture.

Now, how can businesses ramp up their human security? Here are two ways how.

Security Testing

This tests how well a company can respond to attacks. It can also detect if all employees know what to do.

So, they can prevent real threats. It can even reduce chances by 20%.

Employee Training

They say prevention is a cure. But, how can you prevent something that you don’t even know of? Or how can you even update an anti-virus app if you don’t know how to?

Training helps equip employees with basic habits. So, they will learn about the types of threats. Plus, they can apply what they learn.

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