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Cyber Audit And How It Helps You

You definitely don’t want a data breach to happen, right? However, breaches are becoming a common thing every single day. In fact, they become more frequent and complicated every single day. With that in mind, you’ll want to consider having a cyber audit.

Data breaches cost organizations lose tons of money. Moreover, it is just not the money that affects them. The organization’s reputation, along with its employees and clients, will surely take a hit in an event of a breach.

What Is Cyber Audit

Every organization has cybersecurity policies. Those are placed to protect their data. A cyber audit validates those policies. Moreover, a cyber audit makes sure that the policies are actually in place. Also, it also ensures that there are control mechanisms to enforce the policies.

A cybersecurity audit is a comprehensive review. In other words, it checks every single aspect of a business’ IT infrastructure. The cyber audit identifies threats and weaknesses. Additionally, it exposes high-risk practices. As result, the organization can eliminate the problem before it grows.

Cyber Audit Mitigate Consequences

In simple terms, GDPR governs how we can use data. GDPR means General Data Protection Regulation. From the name itself, it aims to impose regulations to protect our data. It applies to all organizations within the EU. Also, it applies to those supplying goods or services to the EU or monitoring EU citizens.

GDPR is just one of the regulations that impose heavy penalties. For what reason? In the event of a breach that results in exploited data. A cybersecurity audit will help prevent that from happening. 

As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure. Moreover, a cyber audit will prove that your organization has done everything necessary to protect data. 

For Whom Is Cyber Audit

If you haven’t assessed your organization’s cybersecurity yet, please consider a cyber audit. Indeed, it is a valuable tool. It is also applicable for businesses that have expanded. Why?

A business that have expanded might have implemented various software and security controls. However, great chances are that they are inevitably overwhelmed. They are overwhelmed by the volume of data being processed in daily communications. 

How To Conduct A Cyber Audit

There are various ways to get the data you need for an audit. For example, user activity monitoring, and employee tracking software. Such ways allow you to access all data in one centralized zone.

But before performing an audit, consider first if you are happy to use your resources. Otherwise, you can contact an external professional.

External vs. Internal Audit

They are proven professionals that possess a wide-ranging selection of security software. One example of that is vulnerability detectors. Moreover, they have wide knowledge on cyber audit. As a result, chances are higher of detecting gaps and security flaws on your systems. 

However, hiring an external auditor comes with a hefty price. Besides, finding a professional with necessary qualifications isn’t as easy as you think.

The success of the audit also heavily depends on your communication with them. If the auditor won’t access the data in time, the audit will take longer than necessary. It will cost you extra. 

On the other hand, internal audits are far cheaper. Additionally, they are easier to manage. Also, they can offer you an opportunity to gather data and set your benchmarks.


The external audit is more of a luxury than an option. However, it is an excellent move to choose an external cyber audit shall you have the resources. Once a year is sufficient for that. 

On the other hand, an internal cyber audit might seem cheaper but the lack of experience of a professional might cause your organization to miss cyber flaws.

Whatever you choose, it is important to uphold cybersecurity strictly at all times.

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