Cyber Safety And Security, Is It Important?

What comes on your mind when you hear cyber safety and security? Simply, it means being safe and secure online.

Everyone nowadays relies on the internet. Without knowing, it becomes a channel of choice for criminals. That makes internet safety very important. Especially for the users accessing daily transactions online. Cybercrimes are just waiting everywhere. As per the study findings, the number of cybercrimes increased. Most people are not aware of it. The number of internet users continues. Many teenagers suffer from cyber harassment.

Who Is Behind The Crimes?

There are available real-world crimes. Take measures to protect ourselves from it. Like robbery, fraud, and others. But, when it comes to cybercrime, we don’t have much idea about it. So, understand the danger that lies ahead. Also, think about the solutions you can take against it.

Phishing attacks of online banking accounts are common occurrences. Most offenders range from 15-30 years old. How can you be safe and secure?

Cyber Safety And Security Helpful Tips

  • Be careful What You Download

A top goal of cybercriminals, to trick you. How? Into downloading malware – programs or apps that carry malware. Also, trying to steal your information.

  • Choose Strong Passwords

People tend to choose easy ones. One problem with passwords nowadays. Such as “password” and “12345”. Making cyber thieves guess it easily. Indeed, select strong passwords that cybercriminals find hard to know.

  • Be Careful With What You Post On Social Media

Any comment or image you post online may stay online forever. Because removing an original post, does not remove any copies that other people made. There is no way for you to “take back” a post.

  • Be Careful With Messages You Received

Never trust an unsolicited email or text message. Also with pop-up windows and facebook messages. That asks you to give sensitive information. Such as your bank account numbers. It could also send someone money. Don’t trust the message no matter how convincing or official it looks.

  • Be Careful Who You Meet Online

People you meet online are not always who they claim to be. Indeed, they may not even be real. Be as cautious and sensible in your online social life. As you are in you in-person in social life. If you don’t know the person, do not trust.

We can say, not all people are victims of cybercrimes. They do not occur behind the computer all the time. But remember, they executed by a computer. Technology is increasing, as well as the strategy of the criminals. They don’t need to go outside. Even bring guns to rob or harass. With mouse cursors and passwords, they attacked.

Cybercrimes can happen to anyone. As long as we used devices. Such as laptops and smartphones that connect to the internet. Being safe and secure using the internet also takes responsibility. So, it’s better to prepare. Knowing the dangers helps us from harm. And knowing what to do online. Especially how to keep safe is a must.

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