Physical Cyber Security Importance

People under-estimated the importance of physical cyber security. But, it is the key to protect your data and your company.

You deal day in and day out with securing operating systems. Also, patching software, installing and configuring firewalls and routers. But what about the physical infrastructure? Do you understand how simple techniques can allow theft of your company resources? Reduce the possibility of a loss of data and equipment. Physical security may not be part of your job but you should be aware.

Physical Protection

Your first line of defense is physical security. As they say: “If they can touch it, they can own it”. Meaning, if you don’t have physical security, there is no security. So, everything about the organization, including physical securities immigrated into your networks.

You have to know who’s interacting with the components of the network. As well as where these components could fail. Also, who could breach the components, who are getting into the organization at any level is going to be of big concern.

Physical Cyber Security Easy Steps

Beware of Social Engineering Techniques

Social engineering attacks involve bad actors. Such as trying to trick people into doing something they want. The goal of the attacker is to use social engineering. Clearly, to trick someone in the gaming access into your physical facility.

Physical Cyber Security For Tailgaters

Tailgating happens when someone tries to gain access into your company. Also into your secure areas within the company. Such as a data center, a server room, or even a network closet.

An example of tailgating is when an intruder follows an unsuspecting employee. Why? To get in through a security door. Oftentimes too, people can be very nice. And they can just hold the door open for some other person that they don’t even know just trying to be polite. And that person that you let in could be a hacker.

Don’t Leave Info For Dumpster Divers

Something that bad actors and hackers love to do. They love sifting your trash to confidential information or other non public information. So make sure you shred any proprietary information before you send it out to the trash.

Watch Out For Shoulder Surfers

Someone leaning over your shoulder. Also known as looking over your shoulder while you’re typing. Looking at some sensitive information in your computer. So, be mindful of your surroundings.

Don’t Leave Your Devices In Cars

All too often, we see a quick smash and grab. When somebody leaves a laptop or some mobile devices in their car. Such as running in the store for a few minutes. When they come out, they have broken windows and devices stoled. Look it up and out of plain sight.

So, in summary. First, be careful of the social engineering techniques as they apply physical security. Second, watch out for tailgaters. Third, make sure to use a shredder when disposing. Especially confidential paper based records. Fourth, be aware of shoulder surfers in your surroundings. And finally, don’t leave your devices in your car unattended.

These are 5 steps only. But, it will be a big help in protecting your company’s data. Security awareness defends you against cyber criminals. Breaches happen, so prepared.

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