Cybersecurity Awareness Month

Cybersecurity Awareness Month- Beginning

Cybersecurity Awareness Month is observed every October. This is a joint mission by both the government and industry. All for empowering better cyber health wellness to cyber citizens.

This was the original initiative of the US Department of Homeland Security. Also partnered with the National Cyber Security Alliance or NCSA. 

The main purpose of this is to spread cyber health goodness to all sorts of users. This ranges from corporations to small businesses. Also, this reaches even to educational entities. And as well as to the millennials of the state.

The History

As mentioned above, Cybersecurity Awareness Month was an initiative by the NCSA and the DHS. It all began in October 2004. That is how up until now, October is considered as the official month for this event.

Way back in 2004, the awareness began by urging citizens simple internet safety. This includes regular updates with their antivirus software. It was advised to do so twice a year.

Years pass, and in 2009 and 2018 there comes another theme. It is with the theme ‘Our Shared Responsibility’. That highlights how each user can make a share. Also, each one is responsible for making the web a safer place. May you be an individual user, or a corporate user.

Moreover, more and more users and entities do join this campaign each year. Leaders from the office of DHS, and in the White House. They, too, join and participate in these events in the state.

These support that these public and private entities share all contribute to its success. Also, the fusion between the NCSA and DHS. This also brought a great share in this campaign. Especially with the cruciality of today’s cybersecurity.

Tips For This Year’s Awareness

An increase in data breach reports has been reported. This causes more alarm in the field of cybersecurity. Most especially, that most businesses truly handle much data. Thus, protecting these data from attackers is today’s top priority. 

The following are some cyber health tips each user must know enough.

Knowledgeable In Spotting Malicious Links

More than ever today, is that almost everyone is constantly connected online. May you be at home or work. However, being constantly connected poses more safety risks. And more malicious links are posted that lead to malicious intents. Thus, having enough knowledge with these links is an ‘ounce of prevention’.

Email Encryption

Phishing emails present to be one of the attacker’s favorite entries. Companies inevitably use email. While it may be true that more messaging platforms are available today. But email remains to be the most professional. 

However, a single email can be the entry of malicious intent. A user must know that this could make or break a data breach to happen. Thus, adding email encryption adds a layer of protection. 

Each Should Play Their Safety

Indeed, attacks sometimes come from third-parties. But, it is also true that internal personnel can also be the company’s weakest source. Thus, proper training and awareness must be implemented among employees.

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