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Deloitte Cyber Security COVID-19 Insights

Deloitte cyber security company- today’s one of the leading global cyber security companies. Deloitte shares some valuable insights from their podcast. This is about how companies today can face the COVID-19 crisis.

COVID-19 Impact

It is undeniably true that the COVID-19 pandemic has truly disrupted everyone’s safety. This primarily goes with health safety. But it also affects people’s financial safety. Millions have lost their jobs and employment. And even some businesses have been led to closure because of this event.

Not to mention, how this pandemic hit the citizen’s emotional state. A lot had traumas and anxieties until today. And a lot are experiencing depression because of the uncertainties. These surely led to more impact on each personal life.

Moreover, because of the pandemic, work from home initiatives are also employed. This poses more risk to companies. Of course, remote connections to the companies’ network is a must. Yet, this implies business continuity. But, this also leads to more cybersecurity threats.

Business Continuity

Even with such changes, it is a company’s goal to continue running. Also, it is a company’s strength to be resilient in this regard.

This determination is also shared by Deloitte cyber security professionals. They claim that ‘doing deals won’t stop’. While it is true how businesses are greatly affected. But businesses today to are trying to cope with the situation.

Businesses today are in the process of reshaping their business. Also, they are doing the best that they can to increase their capital. Even with the event, they do try their might to gain competitive advantages. Thus, closing and doing deals should remain a constant business feature.

In Deloitte’s podcast, two of its partners from M&A Transaction Services. Namely, Jeff Bergner and Dave Oberst. The two talk about how the deal market goes in recent months. They aim to help their listeners better understand the deal market. Also, into how it shifts as months pass by.

Also, Dave and Jeff share some of their insights. Most especially as to how leaders today can do business despite the crisis.

More Cyber Safety

As mentioned, cyber threats have dramatically increased during the COVID-19 pandemic. Thus, this faces the infrastructure at risk. Securing safety is then essential in protecting the state’s economy too.

They then open a fresh viewpoint of the situation. We inevitably face risks today. But, think of it as an opportunity to innovate. A window to reshape our current thinking of risk. Could this be the time to upskill the company’s risk approach?

Who knows there will be more future crises? Being resilient now shall further fortify the business’ strength in the future. 

You can have access to these podcasts and more on their website.

However, everyone is indeed affected by the pandemic. Each household shares their stories and sentiments of the disruption. Companies too, voice out their dismays. In whichever situation may you be in, be resilient. Being a resilient individual sparks more resilience in others. Because this time is truly a perfect time to improve and innovate.

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