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Cybersecurity Major, Why Choose It?

So many degrees available, but why choose a cybersecurity major? Does it really worth it? So in this article let us tackle the cybersecurity major.

Introduction About The Cybersecurity Major

The cybersecurity major offers the student a mix of background knowledge. Starting from computer science along with a specific focus on topics. 

The major mixtures a technical background with the practical importance of cybersecurity skills. Also, once you are a graduate expects that you are equipped for different careers such as

  • Develops Secure software
  • Exploring and fixing vulnerabilities.
  • Doing penetration testing.

Moreover, a major needs coursework in the following areas.

  • First of all the cybersecurity and its law
  • Computer programming. Also, problem-solving
  • Discrete mathematics
  • Object-oriented designing
  • Software developments devices
  • Network and system management
  • Basic Data formations
  • Cryptography intro
  • Ethics
  • Policy, ethics, legal, and compliance
  • It components
  • Cyber defense and threats

Moreover, students also must complete two constituent courses. This may include the following,

  • Software security
  • Mobile security
  • Independent study
  • and Internships.

So Why Choose Cybersecurity Major?

The Unlimited Growth

  • As we all know, it is rapidly growing. It expands and expands its scope. 

So a professional is really needed and very in demand. They offer a massive opportunity.

Plenty Of Nature 

  • Most of the opportunities now a day is connected to technologies. And who deals with technologies problem?

Of course, professionals. Also, it is an exciting career. Why?

Imagine yourself dealing with robots or high-tech cars. Also, nature is very interesting.

Because of a broad skill set required. Why?

  • It needs understanding modern security challenges
  • Also, professionals have a distinct set of backgrounds.

Capability To Solve Puzzles

  • By adding the technology and its variety you will be able to see different puzzles. That only cybersecurity professionals can administer with.

In every upgrade, a new risk is also created. So if you become a professional it is your job to cope with the phase.

By identifying, understanding, and also addressing the risk. Always remember that in every situation it is a unique puzzle. 

Moreover, a new opportunity.

Here Are The Duration Of Cybersecurity Degrees

It takes 3 to 4 years for Bachelor’s degrees in Cybersecurity

Additional 1 to 2 years to complete the Master’s course in Cybersecurity

And Additional 2 to 5 years to complete the Ph.D. programs in Cybersecurity.

So What Are The Best Schools In the Year 2019?

Well, universities and colleges are also perfect with cybersecurity curricula. Moreover, that’s the reason why the studies on programs are growing better each year. 

So let us take a look at some best schools in 2019:

  • In the Us, the Georgia Institute of Technology
  • In the Uk, Abertay University
  • Germany also have SRH Hochschule Berlin
  • And lastly, Canada with the University of Winnipeg

So How About The Tuition Fee

  • For bachelors degrees, it averages 1,000EUR and can reach up to 30,000EUR/annually
  • The Master degrees range 1,500EUR-40,000EUR/annually

However, some countries offered a good education in cybersecurity without paying a huge amount. 


Therefore, it is really a good decision to choose a Cybersecurity major. As it offers a lot and it pays a lot.

Moreover, you are exposed to the different nature of the expanding digital world.

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