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Cybersecurity Organizations That Save Lives

Security is like a fire. It is really helpful when utilized right. On the other hand, it can greatly damage an organization when neglected. Because of this, companies continue to invest in cybersecurity even in hard economic times. With that in mind, it’s great to consider these cybersecurity organizations for the welfare of your business.

Joining A Cybersecurity Organization Is Essential

As we have mentioned earlier, security can make or break your company. In today’s digital world, cyber risks emerge every hour. In fact, you open a possibility of getting hacked the moment you connect to the Internet! Cyber crimes are now becoming a huge business.

What The Statistics Show

To emphasize, let’s check the Cyber Security Breaches Survey of 2018. It revealed that over four in ten (43%) businesses in the UK suffered a cyber attack. Moreover, two in ten (19%) charities in the UK suffered the same. Also, 38% of small businesses have spent nothing on cybersecurity. 

It is now clear that all companies must strive to invest in cybersecurity. The statistics prove that. It is critical to protect sensitive digital information private. Not protecting technical systems from hackers and viruses can only mean one thing – disaster.

Prevention is better than cure. It is indeed a smart move to join a cybersecurity organization now. You’ll read five professional cybersecurity organizations below. They are dedicated and focused on the information security industry. They enable businesses to stay updated on cutting-edge topics. 


This stands for International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium. It is a global and well-regarded organization. Moreover, (ISC)2 leads in educating and certifying information security professionals.


It means Information Systems Audit and Control Association. ISACA is an international professional association focused on IT governance. They have set standards that are being followed globally. ISACA offers several professional certifications. Also, they offer industry publications and conferences. ISACA currently serves more than 140,000 constituents in more than 180 countries. These constituents are members and professionals holding ISACA certifications


AITP means Association of Information Technology Professionals. From the name itself, it is a society of IT professionals. Their core values are integrity, respect, innovation, and service. AITP was originally an association for accountants when it was first founded in 1961. Afterwards, it evolved into DPMA. It was for data processing professionals. It became for IT professionals in 1996. Moreover, AITP has 4500 members worldwide.


It means Association for Executives in Healthcare Information Security. Its name explains its purpose. AEHIS caters to CIOs and other senior healthcare IT leaders. Moreover, AEHIS has a live event that educates about healthcare systems and policies. Those systems and policies include patient privacy, telehealth, cyber threat management.

The SANS Institute

This institute is the most trusted source for cybersecurity training worldwide. SANS was established in 1989. They have a wide variety of security-related niches. Furthermore, the institute educates 12,000 people per year. SANS is a great help for security professionals. They offer blogs, papers, and webcasts. Besides, SANS also displays newsletters and many more educational courses.

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