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Cybersecurity Questions For Employees

All businesses must have security awareness training. Asking cybersecurity questions to your employees will test their knowledge in protecting data. 

The Landscape of Cyberattacks 

There are no signs of cyberattacks slowing down, especially that we’re relying more than ever on technology. No organization is safe from cyberattacks. Big or small, every company is a target of hackers. Thus, it’s no longer a question of who – but more of when

All of your company’s security measures will be useless if an employee unknowingly or intentionally comprises sensitive data. Moreover, employees are the weakest link in your company’s cybersecurity. 

We commit mistakes due to our imperfect human nature. However, regular security awareness training prevents hackers from luring unsuspecting employees. 

Test Your Employees With These Cybersecurity Questions 

Yet, how will you test if your employees remember what they learned? Ask them cybersecurity questions on the spot. Of course, this is not to shame them. Instead, their answers will help you determine what to emphasize in your next training. 

Listed below are some cybersecurity questions to gauge their awareness. 

Are you using your cellphone to share data?

In the healthcare industry, more than 48% of breaches involved mobile phones and computers. That figure is from 2010 to 2017. Hackers often use phones, laptops, and tables as entry points.

It is tempting to use personal devices to access and share company information. However, using unsecured devices is a huge cybersecurity risk. Thus, sensitive data must be kept off-limits to unsecured tablets and smartphones. 

What is a firewall? How about encryption?

You don’t have to be a cybersecurity professional to have strong security measures. Cybersecurity affects everyone in an organization. Thus, every member must have a basic understanding of security. For instance, it is unlikely that your employees will share information using their mobile phones if they understand what encrypted data is.

Can you explain to customers why their data is safe?

You surely don’t want your employers to give away sensitive proprietary information. Moreover, average employees don’t need as much knowledge as your IT support. Yet, your employees must know how to say with confidence that customer data is secure. 

Eight out of ten people are concerned about how businesses keep their private data secure. Hence, your employees must know how to give customers the assurance that their data is secure. 

Have you signed this privacy agreement?

If an investigation comes down to an employee breaching confidentiality, you don’t it to be a he-said-she-said situation. Make sure that your employees read, understand, and sign privacy agreements. This will give you access to backup should the situation arise. 

Have you scheduled your training session?

As mentioned, security awareness training is critical in keeping your company’s data safe. As an employer, it is your responsibility to ensure that employees get regular and adequate training. Furthermore, you must tailor it according to your industry. 

If you’re in the financial industry, train your employees to recognize what information is sensitive. If you’re in the healthcare sector, make sure your employees are up to date on HIPAA regulations. Consider partnering with an IT company to help you develop training for your employees. 

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