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2021 Most In-Demand Cybersecurity Job Titles

Data breaches grow both in cost and frequency. The worldwide cost will reach $5 trillion in 2024. The demand for cybersecurity job titles greater than ever.

The main reason behind the growth in costs is the increase in fines for data breaches. Global and regional laws are becoming stricter. Thus, every company must dedicate a part of its budget to cybersecurity. 

Cybersecurity is one of the industries that didn’t slow down despite the COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, it has a zero percent unemployment rate since 2011. Moreover, opportunities for growth are abundant in the field. Furthermore, the salaries are competitive. 

If you’re planning to do a career shift or still weighing your options, consider a career in cybersecurity. A job in the field is future-proof so if you want stability, this might be for you. 

However, there are many cybersecurity job titles to choose from. Overwhelmed by the great number of options? This article lists down the most in-demand cybersecurity job titles for 2021. 

Cybersecurity Project Manager

Reader’s Digest listed this title as one of the most in-demand jobs for 2021. This role is perfect for cybersecurity specialists who also want to take on a leadership role. Cybersecurity project managers oversee the development of security systems that protect an organization’s data. 

Moreover, they coordinate with other specialists to ensure that a project will hit the target deadline and budget. Cybersecurity project managers ensure that the implementation of cybersecurity measures goes smoothly and according to plan. 

They sometimes handle large teams and budgets, so the stakes can be high in this position. This role typically requires a degree in business management of computer science. Furthermore, a master’s degree or professional certification in project management greatly improves the chances of success. 

Information Security Analyst

This is a highly technical role dealing with the creation of security plans and strategies. From the title itself, information security analysts have one thing in mind – to secure data. They monitor systems and networks to uncover threats. 

Once they’ve found a threat, they will decide whether to resolve or escalate it. Their decision will depend on how dangerous the threat is. 

Information security analysts generally have a bachelor’s degree in computer science or relevant fields. 

Cyber Security Consultant

This role is great for people who would like to work with multiple businesses and value their independence. Cybersecurity consultants assess all security measures of an organization. 

Afterward, they will propose improvements. If the company agrees with their proposal, consultants will oversee the implementation of new measures. Moreover, they may also train staff on security awareness. 

Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)

This is another leadership role however, you’ll need many years of cybersecurity experience before getting considered. This is a senior role responsible for overseeing the entire security operation of an organization. That includes strategy, design, budget, regulations, and more. 

Furthermore, excellent leadership qualities are a must in this role. The CISO is typically responsible for hiring IT personnel and managing team leaders. Indeed, the responsibilities for this role are heavy, and so is the salary. 

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