Information Security Analyst Jobs

How To Qualify For Information Security Analyst Jobs?

Do you want to pursue the career of information security analyst jobs? Well, this post is perfect for you. 

Learn what are the basic duties and responsibilities of an information security analyst. You will also learn how to qualify yourself to be one. For instance, know the basic skills and educational attainment necessary.

What Is An Information Security Analyst?

An information security (InfoSec) analyst is in charge of an entity’s computer networks and systems. He surely plays a key role in maintaining an entity’s cyber health. 

When we talk about cyber health, you surely have cyber attacks in mind. 

Well, basically, you are right. But, it takes more to be a competent information security analyst. 

Because an information security analyst is responsible for overseeing the overall security status of an entity. Perhaps knowing the jobs and duties of an InfoSec Analyst should help you gain better insights about the job.

For example, an InfoSec Analyst should be skilled in the following IT duties.

  • Monitors any security issues of an entity’s computers, networks, and servers
  • In case security breaches do occur, they are also the ones responsible to handle the matter
  • They are also in charge of the installation of security software. Firewalls, data encryption programs, and antivirus software, for instance.
  • Document any incident of attack
  • Implements security strategies to prevent recurring attacks
  • He also works closely with a security team
  • Manages and oversees the IT team
  • He is also responsible for developing security strategies for the company 
  • Also, he keeps himself updated with the latest technology trends. Most particularly with the trends, he can make use of to advance company security.

However, those were just some of the duties and responsibilities of an InfoSec Analyst. One factor that should keep an InfoSec Analyst qualified is by being updated.

As mentioned, he should be kept up to date with the latest technology trends.

But, why is this necessary?

For one thing, the technology world is never constant. Thus, it is always evolving and advancing

In line with this, cyber-attacks are also mutating in nature. So what works today, may not work tomorrow.

Wrapping up, the core duty of an InfoSec Analyst is to keep the company’s data safe. Safe from any breach, compromise, and loss.

How To Become A Competent Information Security Analyst?

The following are the basic steps that you should take in pursuing the InfoSec career.

Earn Bachelor’s Degree

Usually, one should have a bachelor’s degree in computer-related courses. Or technology-related fields can also work. 

Gain On-The-Job Experience

Aside from the degree of education, you should have the ‘experience’ to back up your resume. This further assures the employee that you are competent enough in real-life InfoSec.

Attain Certifications and Training

However, this step is optional. But gaining more certifications should add to your credibility. Also, it speaks a lot when your resume shows that you are updated with the latest training available.

Earn Masters Degree in Cybersecurity

Again, this step is not necessary. But earning a master’s degree should help promote you to the position faster.

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