Information Security Specialist

How To Become An Information Security Specialist?

Information security specialist jobs are one of the most sought-after job positions today. What does it take to be one?

The Need For More IT Professionals

The world today is getting worse considering the number of cyber incidents. All the more so during the pandemic outbreak. Because cybercriminals then took advantage of the weak links of work-from-home initiatives.

Currently, the number of professionals is not enough against the rate of attacks. Because these professionals are supposed to be one step ahead of the hackers. 

But on the contrary, the opposite takes currently takes place.

It appears that most companies are not well prepared for the cybercrime outbreak. Yes, they do not have the right people for the job.

Thus, more career progression in the IT field is now open. Mostly, more opportunities come with large entities. Although businesses of all sizes should be wary of the need.

Mostly, the following entities look for an Information Security Specialist:

  • Government institutions
  • Financial entities
  • Network providers
  • Education providers
  • Airlines
  • Security consultant firms
  • Or any big entity working with a database

What Educational Background Do I Need?

Above all, to be competent, your records should show.

One major factor is your educational attainment. Although both university graduates and school leavers can pursue. But, they should have at least a degree. A degree in IT relevant fields, for instance. Perhaps, for school leavers, specialization in a STEM subject.

Most applicants have solid experience. For example, some do work in the field while studying at the same time. This way, you can better apply theories to real-life scenarios. 

Because although a degree may speak, a solid experience in the field speaks more.

What Are The Necessary Skills I Should Have?

Aside from the degree and experience, you should be specific with your skills.

Typically, these are as follows:

  • Robust IT skills
  • Extensive knowledge in software, hardware, servers, and networks
  • Strong attention to details
  • Logical in identifying strengths and vulnerabilities within systems
  • Applies scientific approach towards threats
  • Deep learning and understanding of hackers
  • Also, keeps himself up to date with the latest technology and security
  • Regularly updates the company’s anti-virus and malware protection systems
  • Encrypts data transmissions
  • Installs firewalls to protect private data, especially during data transfers
  • Responsible for spreading awareness among employees
  • Keeps up the backing up of files, especially of important corporate data
  • Also, he is responsible for conducting risk assessments

How Much Does An Information Security Specialist Make?

In the United States, an Information Security Specialist earns an average of $107,000.

The following is a list of IT security specialist jobs and their relevant positions:

  • Information Security Consultant earns $80,000
  • Computer FOrensics Investigator earns $88,000
  • Information Security Analyst earns $84,000
  • Certified Ethical Hacker earns $89,000
  • Vulnerability Analyst earns $89,000

Certainly, Information Security related jobs pay high. Most especially with today’s cybercrime outbreak, these jobs are so in demand. 

Thus, if you are someone passionate in the field. Perhaps you have gained enough experience with it. Why not work out the passion into career?

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