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Why Get An Information Security Internship

An information security internship is a great way for students to gain the needed experience in this competitive job hunt landscape. 

The transition from the academic atmosphere to the workforce may scare students. Yet, students will greatly benefit from an information security internship. That is because an internship gives students hands-on training. Furthermore, you’ll know what it feels like to work in the career you’re pursuing.

An Overview To Information Security Internship 

The tasks interns do vary. Most interns do mundane tasks such as email management and response. Moreover, they organize documents or other digital resources. Organizations also use interns to research and review the company’s current IT policies. Also, interns also research new security products and strategies.

Additionally, many organizations use interns to assist with specific infosec projects. For instance, building a new digital system or platform. Interns may also assist IT professionals with network maintenance. Furthermore, several companies use interns to help in security awareness training. Many interns also participate in system auditing.

Hence, interns learn administrative and cybersecurity projects. Both types of tasks are beneficial to any company. An information security internship helps students improve their professional communication skills. 

Moreover, interns get to work with professionals and get to learn a lot from them. Additionally, interns could use those professionals as connections. Those connections are valuable in the job hunt. 

Where To Find A Suitable Internship 

There is an extreme shortage of qualified and experienced infosec professionals. Hence, working as an intern will give you the needed experience in entering the workforce. Yet, you also must consider whether you’ll take a government or private internship.

Private companies usually offer paid internships. Yet, a government internship is the best option if you want to work full-time with the public sector. Furthermore, government internships usually run yearly. That is the opposite of private companies. Typically, private companies only offer internships from time to time.

Yet, an internship with a private company is the best option if you want to work with the private sector. There are tons of websites you can use in finding the perfect internship. Below are some of those.

  • Many say that LinkedIn is the most famous social media platform among professionals. It’s not hard to see why. Many professionals use LinkedIn as a great resource to help them in their respective careers. Moreover, it will help you create connections. Those connections are invaluable throughout your career.

LinkedIn’s job search feature is simple. Simply go to the jobs page and type ‘internship’ into the search box. Put more keywords to refine your search.

  • This is also a great choice for students seeking internships. Likewise, you can also type in keywords and locations. For instance, type “computer forensics” and set the location filter to New York City.
  • This website’s former name is This will also help you find the perfect internship. First, you need to create a personalized profile and fill in your information. Afterward, WayUp will try to match your details with an employer. 
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