Information Security Manager Salary

How Much Is An Information Security Manager Salary?

How much is an Information Security Manager salary?

What Does An Information Security Manager Do?

But first, what does an information security manager do?

As the job position suggests, they are responsible for managing the whole company’s information security state.

They make sure that all computer networks and systems are boosted. So it can better protect itself from any attack. An attack can be either intentional or unintentional. But, whatever the cause may be, it surely is destructive. Thus, strong measures should be employed.

So basically, an information security manager handles a wide scope of responsibilities. 

  • Planning of information security strategies
  • Developing the company’s information security policy
  • Upgrade current systems if not enough
  • Design new security systems with business needs in mind
  • Handles any breach incident, for instance
  • Implementing the strategies and policies among everyone
  • Oversees the Information Technology (IT) department’s operations
  • Monitors the company’s performance with the set information security standards
  • Sets and develops training among employees about cyber awareness
  • Ensures that everyone submits to infosec best practices
  • Can impose penalties and fines in case of violation

Common Threats Information Security Face

The following are some of the threats information security managers should be wary of.

  • Any hacking intent or unauthorized access
  • Viruses, worms, trojans, and spyware
  • Abuse of granted permissions by employees
  • Denial of service attacks
  • Phishing techniques
  • Social engineering
  • Users directed to fake websites using Pharming methods

Enough Knowledge and Experience Is A Must

Certainly, an information security manager ‘manages’ a whole lot of responsibilities. That is why anyone pursuing this career should have enough skills and experience.

  • Have past relevant jobs in the field of IT. Network engineer, database administrator, or system analyst, for instance. 
  • Handled small business IT needs. Working closely with this set of responsibilities in small-scale systems can better help you on larger-scale duties. The application of insights in smaller scopes can help you prepare yourself in larger settings.
  • Gaining certifications and more training. Just like the business landscape, the field of IT is also advancing. Not to mention that cyber-attacks grow heavily today. Thus taking its toll on the chances of data resources. So one way to get yourself ahead is to continue learning. Training can help you keep abreast with the new technology developments. Gaining certifications can also raise your credibility image in the IT world. Thus, making yourself competent enough for the job.

How Much Is An Information Security Manager’s Salary?

Okay, so let us head onto the main point of this topic.

How much does an information security manager make?

According to, in the United States, an Information Security Manager can earn $133,499 on an average. 

Usually, their salary ranges between $120,467 to $147,700.

Why do they differ?

Not every company pays the same. Most likely, it depends on the size of the company. Since this can affect the needs for duties and responsibilities,

Also, it greatly varies depending on the person’s skills and expertise. Factors like education, experience, and certifications, for instance.

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