Cybersecurity Work From Home

Cybersecurity Work From Home Tips

COVID-19 pushed many of us to work from home. But it exposed us to many risks. So, there is some cybersecurity work from home tips to follow.

But why is this important? Because we are not around safe cyberspace our offices offer. Also, new threats are rising. Crooks are taking advantage of our situation.

Thus, making this a worry for a lot of IT professionals. So, to keep us from being a victim, we need to protect ourselves.

How? Keep on reading to know more.

Cybersecurity Work From Home Tips

Do Not Delay Updates

Yes, do not delay updates. If your device alerts you for an update, do so. Be sure to install all the latest software ASAP. And do not forget about your antivirus updates.

Why is this crucial? It will help fix any flaws and help keep your data safe. After doing it, see the changes it did.

Do Not Turn Off the VPNs

Most employees today access their employee’s network via a virtual private network (VPN). If that is the case for you, do not turn it off.

Why? Because it secures data transmitted between you and your employer. This is called data encryption.

So, it keeps hackers from getting into your sensitive data. Like financial documents and customer information.

But if you turn it off when you are working, you will face big risks. If you are on public Wi-Fi, it is more crucial to not turn this off.

Keep Out of Phishing Scams

More cybercriminals are taking advantage of the work from home setup (WFH). That is why phishing scams are rising.

So, watch out for these scams. Many are acting as the employer notifying employees about a new corporate policy.

So, do not fall for scams that are asking for your personal information. Or asking you to click a link and/or download a file.

Keep Your Devices Separate

Are you working on your personal device? Or are you using your company-issued devices only for work? If so, keep it that way.

Do not do work tasks on your personal device. Or do not use your work device for personal purposes. Why?

Because you might harm sensitive business data if you use your personal laptop. It may lack the strong security it needs.

Further, you should not allow family or friends to use your work devices. This will harm your company if they access your work data.

Use Strong Passwords

Your work devices should have a password. As well as your WiFi network and router. But make sure you change the default setting to a unique one.

Then, make sure it is a strong one. So, make it lengthy, memorable, and hard to guess. Do not make one that is as easy as 123456, password123, or your birthday.

Cybersecurity is Important

Yes, cybersecurity is important. Especially in this modern world that is full of cyber threats.

So, are you following all these cybersecurity WFH tips? Or are there still some areas you need to follow?

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