Cybersecurity Trends

Cybersecurity Trends to Watch Out for in 2021

The digital revolution made companies rely so much on digital technologies. And cybersecurity trends are keeping up each year.

So, what will we see in 2021?

Let us dig deeper into that in this article.

Cybersecurity Trends to Watch Out for in 2021

Automotive Hacking

The first trend to rise will be automotive hacking. Why? Because more and more vehicles now have automated software. What is this?

This makes connectivity to let drivers do:

  • cruise control
  • engine timing
  • door lock
  • airbags
  • driver assistance

Also, these vehicles use Bluetooth and WiFi techs. As a result, it poses openings for hackers to get into.

And that is more true for self-driving cars. As it uses a more complex mechanism.

AI and Cybersecurity

Many techs are now using artificial intelligence (AI). With this, techs become more powerful. Like image recognition, RPA, and more.

So, it is not a surprise that using AI with cybersecurity is now becoming a trend. Thus, it brought a lot of changes. Especially being coupled with machine learning.

Thus, it is helping build security systems like:

  • face detection
  • natural language processing
  • automatic threat detection

Also, it can help predict new attacks. Then, it will notify admins of any data breach in real-time.

Mobile as the New Target

In 2019, there was a rise in malware attacks for mobile banking. Making our phones a prime target for hackers.

But that will become more true this year. The rise of the pandemic also meant the rise of work at home. Thus, we now use our mobile devices even more.

So, more hackers will find it to be an easier target. Also, it has a lot of valuable data. Like our photos, financial transactions, emails, and more.

IoT with 5G: New Risks

New techs mean new risks. As 5G is rolling out faster, devices are preparing to be 5G-ready.

And more Internet of Things (IoT) devices is doing so. Thus, opening up a new era of connectivity.

But IoT devices using 5G networks are open to more vulnerabilities from:

  • outside influence
  • attacks
  • unknown software bug

Why is this so? Because 5G is still new. So, we do not yet know its full capabilities and weak links.

State-Sponsored Cyber Warfare

Even until this year, there is no sign of stoppage between countries wanting to up the other. So, they are looking for ways to be more superior.

Thus, countries are and will be counting on cyberattacks. Western and eastern powers will engage in stronger cyber warfare.

How will they do this? By causing uproar during elections. For one, they can change results on electronic votings done. So that they can change the results.

To do this, we can expect a lot of high-profile data breaches. Then, more political and industrial secrets will top the cybersecurity trend this year.

Cybersecurity Trends

So, these are some of the trends that are starting and will continue to rise this year. But there are a lot more other trends other than these. Can you think of some? What are your thoughts?

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