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Top Latest Cybersecurity Technologies in 2020

We need cybersecurity technologies now more than ever. For many years now, the impact of cyberattacks is getting worse every day.

Remember cyberattacks like WannaCry and NotPetya? It hit hundreds of countries globally. Thus, it proves how damaging cyberattacks are.

Knowing and applying advanced cybersecurity technologies is vital. But why do we need cybersecurity strategies?

Why are cybersecurity technologies necessary?

We need to recognize cyberattacks. Also, when they arise, we must treat them seriously. 

Here are the top reasons why need precautions:

Cyberattackers’ Targets Are Changing

A few years ago, the main reason for attackers was just quick money. Also, they attack networks and systems to take revenge or to get data.

But now, they change their targets to bigger ones. They target infrastructures that connect to the IoT or a network.

It includes utility services, hospitals, power plants, and airports. How serious can it be if these infrastructures are attacked by cybercriminals!

The Advancement of Cyberattacks

Cyberattackers are getting scarier. These cybercriminals have the same skills as the best computer science experts. Technologies are advancing. So, their ways of attacking are improving too!

The Effects of Cyberattacks Are Worsening

Companies depend on systems and networks now. So even a small attack can cause great damage to their operations.

These kinds of damage include:

  • reputational damage
  • sales loss
  • regulatory fines

With these reasons in mind, cybersecurity technologies are what we need! But what are these technologies?

What are the Latest Cybersecurity Technologies?

It is wise to learn and use technologies to establish cybersecurity.

Here are the top latest cybersecurity technologies available as of 2020.

Artificial Intelligence

AI mimics human learning and thinking. It makes its conclusions. And it can also understand complex stuff. 

AI secures cybersecurity by blocking malware and ransomware. It can also protect against social engineering threats.

One common application is two-factor authentication. It is a type of security that confirms the identity of a user. 

AI’s deep learning analyzes data, like logs and transactions. Thus, it can detect threats or suspicious activities.

Behavioral Analytics

Behavioral analytics help develop advanced cybersecurity technologies. It also helps manage potential and real-time cyberattacks.

Besides, the patterns of the system and network activities will signal a threat.

For example, these analytics can detect an abnormal increase in data transfer. If that happens, it shows a possible security problem.

 Hardware Authentication

Today, we can’t just really on a pin or a password for our hardware protection.

Here is where embedded hardware authentication enters the picture. It is a type of technology that verifies the user’s identity.

One example of this technology is Sixth-generation vPro Chips by Intel. These chips are secured into the hardware. Also, it has multilayers of authentication. Thus, it strengthens the hardware’s security.

Blockchain Security

Like blockchain technology, it works between peer-to-peer network fundamentals. It also verifies a data’s authenticity.

Besides, having this type of technology will make your network impenetrable. Thus, it is the best way to protect your data from attacks.


Cyberwarfare is causing trouble for every individual and company worldwide.

There is no foolproof cybersecurity technology. Yet, we can still make the best of the technologies available.

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