The Significance of Cybersecurity

The Significance of Cybersecurity

The Significance of Cybersecurity is on the rise in the year 2020. These play a role in big companies and also helps in every individual who uses Technologies in every day.

What is Cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity is a system where it closes in everything to protecting our information and data. These also help our government in political aspects. Moreover, such as using an automated voting machine to reads the voter’s vote.
Cybersecurity also includes protecting Big industries’ information systems from damage attempted by hackers.

Significance of Cybersecurity: As User, When do We Need Cybersecurity?

The time we engaged ourselves in Cyberworld is the time we need a Cybersecurity. Why? In Cyberworld, we share some of our critical identity information. Such as Birthdays, Fullname, Bio, Location, and Financial Status. These are just a few that we share in social media where a person with a bad intention can use these to his/her advantage. It is also widely known as Identity Theft.
They can easily hack our account or enter into our server just using this same information.

How About Banks that are open for Online Transaction?

Using Online-banking is also widely used for a hassle-free transaction. However, many of the users encounter problems. Such as, hackers send legit-like messages to Atm-holder, stating that they need some confidential information to process some changes. The sent messages seem legit because the hackers are using the same official accounts or contact numbers.
Why this issue arise? Cybercriminals can easily hack some of the online banking systems. These kinds of incidents might target only the atm-user because only the user loses the amount of money. However, the bank, on the other hand, may face irreversible reputational damage. The fact that they can’t put secure protection against their system that leads to unfortunate loss to their clients is a big issue.
These are just a few situations we might encounter for not using a Cybersecurity system.
However, there are advantages and disadvantages to having a Cyber Security System.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Cybersecurity


  • Secures our confidential information in the system.
  • The system protects our system from viruses, spyware, and other unwanted programs.
  • Protects our networks from unauthorized access.
  • It protects our data from suspected theft.
  • It gives us our privacy. Minimizes from freezing and crashes.
  • Improved our credentials with the corrects security controls in place.


  • There are some Strict Regulations in using the system.
  • Some Firewalls are hard to configure correctly. Thus, as a result, it can block us from performing actions.
  • Some Cybersecurity allows high memory space that it makes the computer’s performance slower than before.
  • Mostly, Cybersecurity keeps updating for new software to keep that good performance.
  • Cybersecurity could costly for some average users.


We are indeed in the generation where everything evolves in Technologies. This Era of Technologies helps us to manage almost everything in just a click. However, Cybersecurity is also a must, so our one-click convenience will not turn to an unfortunate situation. We need to educate ourselves on the importance of having Cybersecurity.

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