Fastest Growing Cybersecurity Companies: 2020 Update

Cybersecurity is currently in-demand. Some of the fastest growing cybersecurity companies engage in data and system protection.

Besides, businesses and firms rely on the Internet and computer systems. It makes their marketing and distribution faster. Also, it helps them reach out to clients better.

Thus, they need strong cybersecurity for their data protection. Without this, companies will risk getting scams and fraud.

Here are the top 10 fastest growing cybersecurity companies in 2020.


Absolute secures data and devices with persistent visibility and control. Also, they close security gaps.

This company has nearly one billion devices. So, this allows them to give the best data security.

Besides, Absolute lets users connect with their devices and data always. It also gives warnings when there is a suspicious activity.

Further, they find and fix endpoint risks. They also help reduce breaches and ransomware.

Absolute also automate software audits. It makes clients feel reassured and avoid penalties.


Centrify provides Zero Trust Privilege to secure data and system access. They reformed the Privilege Management market.

More, this company covers infrastructure and databases. They also secure network devices and cloud environments.

Centrify uses Active Directory, like UNIX and LINUX systems. It allows them to manage identities.

They also offer the first PAM-as-a-service. This service has true multi-tenant and cloud architecture.

Centrify decreases the attack surface of a system. They also reduce risk, costs, and complexity for modern firms.

Deep Instinct

Deep Instinct uses Artificial Intelligence deep learning to cybersecurity. It also blocks zero-day threats.

More, they protect from APT attacks with unbeaten accuracy. It helps secure endpoints and mobile devices. So, threats through the network or the Internet won’t happen.

Thus, businesses gain unbeaten protection against evasive attacks from any source. That is because they use deep learning in cybersecurity.

They also introduced a new tactic: enable cyberattacks to be identified then block it in real-time. 


Infoblox helps businesses by giving next-level reliability and automation. They also cover traditional and digital networks. It includes SD-WAN, hybrid cloud, and the IoT.

They also bring simplicity while giving security. Thus, it enables firms to reduce tasks by 70%. It also makes threat analysts more productive.

More, Infoblox succeeded in helping IT, cloud platforms, and professionals. They also identify security threats efficiently and automatically.


Like Deep Instinct, Kount is also AI-driven. They prevent fraud for online businesses and payment providers.

Thus, businesses get more good orders and improve customer service. It also helps them cut fraud costs and losses.

Kount offers patented technologies for protection. It includes:

  • mobile fraud detection
  • multi-layer device fingerprinting
  • IP proxy detection
  • IP geolocation
  • comprehensive order management


Mimecast helps companies handle private information. They limit email risks and moves the workload to the cloud.

They offer proprietary cloud architecture to do the following:

  • email security
  • service continuity
  • single subscription archive

It also enables businesses to know potential hackers earlier. Then, they track and block phishing scams on the Web.


The bottom line is that all firms and companies need to improve security. They also have to protect their data to prevent data theft.

We hope that the list above will help you choose your cybersecurity provider.

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