Information Security Manager

How Can I Become An Information Security Manager?

Do you want to become an information security manager? 

In this post, you will learn the major jobs and duties of an information security manager. Also, you will learn more qualifications that companies look for with this job position.

What Is An Information Security Manager?

As the name suggests, an information security manager ‘manages’ the whole information security health of a company. 

information security managers do the oversight of other information security tasks. Perhaps in the IT department, and also with individual workers. 

Why are the other employees included in monitoring?

Even employees not under the IT department should be under the monitoring of an information security manager. Because everyone in the company surely handles corporate information. So everyone is truly handling security with their own hands.

Moreover, an infosec manager has a dedicated team for the job. So as an oversight, he monitors the application of information security principles. Also, he makes sure that processes and plans go along with the security needs of the company.

What Are The Main Duties Of An Information Security Manager?

So as you can see, an infosec manager has a wide scope of responsibilities. Actually, duties differ for each organization. Because for one thing, not every organization, especially in different industries have the same needs.

However, most of them perform common duties. Some of them are as follows:

  • Conducts training about security for the company’s employees
  • Develops and creates security strategies
  • Implements and monitors the application of security strategies
  • Reviews and inspects the IT budgeting and costing
  • He also keeps himself updated with the latest trends in technology. Most especially, with the trends that can contribute to company security.
  • Inspects and addresses security breaches, for instance
  • Upon monitoring, he can also recommend necessary updates for systems

As mentioned, an information security manager has a team. So he is also responsible to do the following for his team:

  • Monitors the performance of each team member, also provides guidance and assistance if needed
  • Delegates tasks and duties among team members
  • Mentors team members for their specific tasks and duties
  • Also, he can hire new members when in need
  • Impose salary decisions

An information security manager surely has a lot of work. But with the help of his team members and the whole company, they can accomplish a security-healthy workplace environment.

What Are The Steps In Becoming An Information Security Manager?

Actually, steps vary. Especially that other companies require deeper professional experience. But these three steps should help you get into the basics of it.

Earn A Bachelor’s Degree

Most probably, earn a bachelor’s degree in the field of technology. Namely, information security, information technology, or computer science.

Gain OJT Experience

A strong background experience is a must for this position. You must know how to perform each duty on-the-job. This also tells the company that you understand how each task goes. Perhaps you can start with entry-level roles.

Earn Certifications & Master’s Degree (When Possible)

However, this step is not a must. But this step is surely beneficial. Because this can get you ahead from the competitive market.

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