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IBM Cyber Security COVID-19 Insights

IBM Cyber Security is an American multinational technology and consulting corporation. A company that manufactures and markets computer hardware and software.


This stands for International Business Machines Corporation. The corporation’s headquarters is located in Armonk, New York. Moreover, it was founded in 1911. This corporation certainly has vast experience and knowledge in the digital field. 

Remote Work Risks

IBM shares their insights with today’s alarming increase in cybercrime. More particularly, with the new work at home features.

According to the New York Times, more than 300 million people. Who lived in the United States were urged to stay at home. That was at the beginning of the COVID-19 Crisis. Specifically in April 2020.

These people are also working for a living. Thus, they are doing their work at home. This further exposes them to cybercrime. That is because not everyone is ready for digital safety. As a result, this presented more loopholes for attackers to intrude.

Like for instance, these remote employees do have access to their corporate networks. But, the problem is, they’re using personal devices. Besides, this makes way for hackers to launch their attacks. This is often done by searching through Wi-Fi configurations. And also VPN connections.

On the other hand, meetings are now done on conference calls. Mostly on cloud-based platforms like Zoom. However, malicious actors do their thing too. They do their schemes in the situation. For instance, these attackers do hack and disrupt these live meetings.

Indeed, no one is prepared for this crisis. Even organizations themselves, they are not fully equipped for this. 70 percent of respondents reported. That doing work at home is truly new to them. This resulted in more cyber attacks. 

Although it is a good thing that business keeps on the run. But these attacks disrupt the business itself. This is how IBM encourages resilience in organizations.

Resilience In Organizations

In times like this of a crisis, implementing quick defenses is a challenge. But, this is also the time to make use of what’s readily available. If the corporate misses the chance to implement decisions. This could make or break the business itself. 

This is why IBM advises the importance of making quick decisions. Making these decisions is all about being resourceful into what’s available. Although this is risky. But, isn’t there more risk in not decide at all?

Incident Response Plan

Planning always equips the wise. This proves to be true especially in this time of a pandemic.

 A study was conducted by the Ponemon Institute. And it was thereby found that more than 70 percent of the organizations do not have incident response plans. Moreover, one in four organizations also does not have CSIRP. This is also known as the Cybersecurity Incident Response Plan.

That is how this should be further implemented within organizations. Because organizations themselves suffer when a crisis arrives. Who knows what the future holds? Could there be more crises or disasters?

The famous saying proves true. That ‘prevention is always better than cure’.

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