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Microsoft Cybersecurity Tips & Wellness 2020

Microsoft cybersecurity- being the largest software company in the world. Shares their tips for healthy cybersecurity practices.

Cyber Health- Today’s Business Priority

Microsoft’s Product Marketing Manager, Ms. Stephanie Lio shares some helpful tips. Ms. Lio has an Azure Active Directory.

Ms. Lio, representing the company, Microsoft shares these insights. It is undeniably true how today’s cyber attacks continue to increase. All the more in this time of the pandemic. These cybercriminals have taken many opportunities in the situation.

More people are ‘constantly connected’ on the Internet. Company employees resort to work from home initiatives. This has truly brought more comfort however to some degree.

But, this also poses many risks to the company’s network and systems. Using personal devices for work-related jobs also exposes more risk. But, this is inevitable. Most especially that we’re undergoing this pandemic. And businesses need not rest.

Thus, having enough knowledge should help mitigate the risks.

Organization’s Cyber Health

Ms. Lio then compares an organization to a human body. Like our human body, we do have systems, strengths, as well as vulnerabilities.

Also, just like the body, to fight against viruses. The body needs to have the right defenses. This must include having a system and a plan. 

For us to stay healthy, we eat right and we do exercise. In addition to feeding right, we also need to regularly visit the doctor. That is for us to have a proper assessment of what’s going on inside of us.

The more negligent we are to health. The more vulnerable we are against viruses and diseases.

Moreover, the same principle goes with an organization’s cyber health.

Optimum maintenance is also needed. Also, regular checkups like risk assessments do a lot. We should never trust our ‘assumptions’. Assumptions that we are healthy. Because you will never know unless the doctor tells. In the same manner, you’ll never know your cyber health is in good condition. Unless you take these assessments. 

Aside from this, more healthy cyber practices are shared by Microsoft cybersecurity.

Regularly Back-up Data

Good cybersecurity has a good back-up strategy. This is important in case of any data loss. 

Moreover, companies must ensure this is regularly done. And also ensure that the back-up must be accessible to another location. Which means this should be separate from your production data.

Also, make sure to encrypt it in transit. 

Regular Patches

Another safety tip is doing regular patching. This should range from your software and hardware devices. 

Make sure these are regularly updated. Because if it is not, it will present more vulnerabilities to the system. All the more so, that your system is constantly connected to the internet. More chances of intrusion are there.

Thus, in an organizational setting, it is not enough to mandate this to your employees. But it should be strictly implemented throughout the company.

Protect Your Identities

This is one of the most targeted points of the attackers. Thus make sure to manage who has privileged access. Moreover, also ensure that these are updated regularly. 

Allowing negligence with this bears more threat entries into the system.

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