Information Security Engineer Salary

Information Security Engineer Salary & Responsibilities

Do you know how much is an information security salary?

How Much Does An Information Security Engineer Make?

As of January 2021, in the United States, an Information Security Engineer salary reaches an average of $134,559. However, their earnings usually range between $121,000 to $148,000.

By all means, fees differ because of some factors. Factors like education, certification, level and years of expertise, and skills, for instance.

The Need For More Information Security Engineers

Particularly, during the pandemic outbreak, cyberattacks were soaring high. But sadly, companies were not that competent enough for attacks.

That is why most companies were greatly affected. In addition to this is the new norm of working from home. Because of these remote working settings, corporate networks were more exposed to malicious actors.

As a result, companies now see the need for cybersecurity experts.

What do the experts say?

Well, consider what the New York Times forecast.

Do you know that industry experts say that up to 3.5 million job positions in cybersecurity will be vacant this year?

And here is the thrill.

Do you know that among the most in-demand field are cybersecurity engineers?

Yes. You have heard it right. Cybersecurity engineers are among the top-rated job vacancies in 2021.

Furthermore, the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that the demand will continue up to 18% until 2024. In fact, this rates faster than other job growth sectors.

So, now, you might now be thinking that this will be a good career choice.

But, how can you be a competent information security engineer?

Information Security Engineer: Job Description

First, what is an information security engineer?

Basically, information security engineers are also known as information security analysts. 

What do they do?

Their prime duty is to protect and secure the company’s data. Their duty also includes the protection of computer networks and systems. Since these serve as gateways into the corporate’s private domain. 

How do they do so?

Information security engineers do so by creating plans and strategies for security. Besides, they are also in charge of the implementation. 

However, an information security engineer does not have to do it all alone. Because usually, he or she will be working with a larger IT team. 

This IT team, along with the information security engineer should also be subject to the executives.  

Information Security Engineer: Duties & Responsibilities

It takes more to be an information security engineer. So here are some of their duties & responsibilities.

1. Builds The Information Security Plan & Policy

  • Assist in the development of an InfoSec Plan according to the company needs
  • Build a set of security standards for the whole company
  • Recommend improvements, when necessary

2. Tests Vulnerabilities

  • Performs periodic scans of networks for vulnerabilities
  • Conducts penetration testing

3. Monitors Breaches

  • Monitoring should be done regularly
  • Installs software that gives alerts in case of intrusions
  • Also, they can do so by observing any irregular system behavior

4. Investigates Breaches

  • Leads incident response actions
  • Also leads the technical and forensic investigation
  • Prepare and document reports of the breach

5. Implements Policies

  • Installs firewalls
  • Makes use of data encryption programs
  • Assist employees with new security procedures
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