Latest Cybersecurity Attacks

Latest Cybersecurity Attacks

What are the latest cybersecurity attacks today?

Today, cybersecurity is a growing concern for every company. No matter the size. Because attacks are getting more sophisticated.

So, companies need to keep up. Also, they need to keep up with what is the new attacks today.

So, what are these? Keep on reading to know more.

Latest Cybersecurity Attacks


Malicious software or malware. It is any kind of software no matter how it is operated. Its design is to cause damage to a single computer, server, or computer network.

Also, there are some varieties of malware. Like words, viruses, and trojans. Each differs in how they reproduce and spread.

What are the results? It makes a network or computer inoperable. Or it can let attackers in on your system. Thus, letting them control it remotely.


What is phishing? It is a technique cybercriminals use by making emails to fool a target. They may send out emails that may seem like from a real company.

Then, it tricks recipients to do an action. Like clicking a link, downloading a file, or inputting their details.

Most of the time, they may pose as a bank and make a fake website where they drive their victims.

Then, they may ask users to input their username and password. As a result, victims may find their suffering loss.


The rise of cryptocurrency also means the rise of cryptojacking. What is it? Cryptojacking is a specialized attack.

It means letting the target’s computer make a cryptocurrency. Or what they call “mining” in crypto lingo.

How do they do this? Attackers will install malware on the target’s computer. Then, it will make calculations or run the code on Javascript.

SQL Injection

SQL injection is when attackers exploit an opening to take control of a victim’s database. Many databases follow the commands written in SQL.

Also, websites get information from users. Then, it sends that data to SQL databases.

So, when attackers do an SQL injection, they will write command in SQL. Asking for name and address information.

Then, if a website does not have the right program, it may follow those commands. It may be dangerous to the victim’s data.

Man in the Middle (MITM)

MITM attacks are when attackers get in the middle of the user and web service. And the victim might not be aware there is an attacker between them.

For example, the attacker might set up a WiFi network with a login screen. This may look like a legit screen from a hotel network.

So, when a user logs in, the attacker can now access the information they sent. And they may even get the sensitive ones like banking passwords.

Latest Cybersecurity Attacks are Dangerous

Above are only some of the latest cybersecurity attacks we can see today. But there are more of them.

And there is no sign that cyberattacks are going to stop soon. So, you need to be wary and take all security measures. To keep you safe from these attacks.

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