Information Security PDF

Information Security PDF: How Can You Work From Home Safely?

Here is an information security PDF for the work from home arrangements.

The Work From Home Dilemma In 2020

In 2020, the world is in shock. It was until lockdowns were pronounced more than nationwide, but earth-wide. 

The COVID19 pandemic has erupted and no one is ready.

Businesses of all sorts were forced to stop on-premises operations. So it leaves them no choice but to send workers to their homes. 

Of course, above all means, the business should keep going. So because of this, business continuity can only be possible with the means of remote access.

Is there any problem?

There should not be any.

But, because of enabling remote access to workers, corporate data were put more at risk.


When workers are within the premises of the company, extra layers of security are on them. Corporate devices and networks are protected, of course. In addition, the IT team is within reach in any case.

But, everything is unlikely with remote working.

No more extra layers of protection. No more IT personnel with a call away. Instead, you use personal connections and networks. At times, you use personal judgment in most cases.

As a result, the cases of security breaches dramatically increases. 2020 has been a year of total change. But also a year of total advantage for cybercriminals.

So, what can help?

You cannot fully eradicate the risks. But, each of us can mitigate them. We can do so by applying the best practices of working from home. 

Information Security PDF: How Can I Work From Home Safely?

Here is a list of safety work from home tips for information security PDF. 

Avoid Public Wi-Fi As Possible

Do you know how public networks can put you at risk? Not to mention your corporate data also?

Public Wi-Fi can:

  • Connect people within the same networks. That means, people connected to the same hotspot can intrude through your networks. By all means, it is possible that these networks do not have firewalls and other security means. Who knows who’s lurking behind those networks?
  • Let others intrude on your data and everything you access. Since this is a public network, everything you access through that network can be accessed too. For instance, it can monitor your traffic.

So, what can you do then?

Work Computers For Work Data

In most cases, companies with efficient information security measures provide corporate devices to their employees.

If that is your case, then only use the ‘work computer’ for working with corporate data. It could be tempting to use personal devices. But at all costs, it can be a loophole for breaches.

Remember that corporate devices are well boosted by the IT team. For instance, it has antivirus, firewalls, and some encryptions. Your device should have its security too. But, take note that corporate devices hardly differ from personal devices.

Thus, being disciplined in this regard should save you unnecessary incidents.

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