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Most Reliable Cybersecurity News Sites

It is crucial to keep updated in cybersecurity to prevent getting victimized. These cybersecurity news sites provide accurate and up-to-date news. 

Our increased reliance on technology made cybersecurity threats grow on a much larger scale. It is a must for every individual, especially businesses, to have strong cybersecurity. 

Why Cybersecurity Is Essential 

Data breaches bring huge financial and reputational damages. For instance, customers expect businesses to protect their information from attacks. Customers will go elsewhere if the business failed to meet such expectations. 

As result, the business will lose loads of money and customers. Moreover, bear in mind that is very easy for customers to find another business that will meet their demands.

Best Cybersecurity News Sites 

As we have mentioned earlier, having strong cybersecurity is a must. The first step for doing so is staying updated on the latest cybersecurity trends and news. Thus, the cybersecurity news sites listed below will help you with that.

Infosecurity Magazine 

This is an informative publication published by Reed Exhibitions. Infosecurity Magazine emphasizes the need for strategy, insights, and technology. These help you protect your business.

Furthermore, Infosecurity Magazine welcomes top cybersecurity experts in their online summits. These experts discuss key challenges to online security. Some of these topics are data security and patch management. 

Moreover, Infosecurity Magazine also conducts regular webinars. Their webinars provide easy-to-follow and informative advice. It is on a variety of computer security topics. Some of these topics are forensic investigations and insider threats detection. 

Additionally, this magazine comes in a print edition besides its online edition. Furthermore, they present white papers and virtual conferences. 

Cybercrime Magazine 

Cybersecurity Ventures, a leader in cybersecurity research, publishes Cybercrime Magazine. This magazine is a must-read if you want a feed of the latest and insightful cybersecurity information. 

Furthermore, this magazine explains in a detailed manner the cybercrime trends. For instance, it discusses cybercrime damage costs, cybersecurity spending, and employment. 

Cybers Guards 

Cybers Guards is one of the most famous cybersecurity news sites out there. Chances are that you already of it before. If not, now is the perfect time to read their resources that discuss more on cyber attacks and protection.

Paul’s Security Weekly

This is one of the cybersecurity news sites that provide fast-breaking news from the digital security world. Additionally, it has three IT security shows, namely:

  • Hack Naked TV
  • Enterprise Security
  • Paul’s Security Weekly

Moreover, it provides readers with frequent webcasts. Furthermore, their programs are available on various platforms including YouTube and iTunes. 

Threat Post 

Threat Post covers security topics from every possible angle. Hence, they provide informative articles that dig deep into cyber issues. Additionally, they regularly post webinars and podcasts.

With Threat Post, you’ll have access to their informative content anywhere you are. 

IT Security Guru 

IT Security Guru is a daily news digest that has a huge collection of resources. Those resources range from case studies, webinars, articles, videos, and more. 

IT Security Guru has a “Scam of The Week” that gets posted weekly. This section analyzes the latest hacker threats and what tips you can do to avoid them. 

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