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Best Cybersecurity YouTube Channels

We are now living in a time where great cybersecurity content is freely available on YouTube. Take a look at the best cybersecurity YouTube channels. 

Courses and training are not the only ways to learn about this awesome topic – cybersecurity. You’ll find awesome cybersecurity videos on YouTube without spending a single penny. In fact, the platform has a lot of teaching content.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the best cybersecurity YouTube channels. 


STÖK is a channel dedicated in producing content about bug bounty. This channel provides knowledge on you can earn some money with bug bounty. Additionally, it has an interesting series of videos tackling live hack events. 

STÖK has 58k subscribers. Moreover, its videos has 1M videos on average. Rest assured that you’ll learn bug bounty tips and techniques with STÖK.

The PC Security Channel

This YouTube channel mainly focuses on testing and reviewing AV products. However, it also provides several cool tutorials. Moreover, the PC Security Channel provides knowledge on how a new AV or EDR solution deals with thousands of malware samples.

Besides videos, the channel records each test and results and post them in their webpage.


This channel has a wide range of topics Furthermore, LiveOverflow’s channels produces great quality videos that will surely make you finish the whole video. 

For instance, LiveOverflow provides CTF video write-ups. It also posts tutorials on videogame hacking, reverse-engineering tutorials, and many more. 

The channel currentlly has more than 30M views and more than 500k subscribers. Their quality and variety of content will surely appeal you.


Digital forensics is often neglected when cybersecurity is talked about. Some cybersecurity professionals said that they only know a few people that have intereest in forensics. 

Compared to other cybersecurity YouTUbe channels, 13Cubed has fewer subscribers – around 20k. Yet, their videos line up with the best in terms of digital forensics.

What makes their videos great is they explain technical topics in a very detailed way. Some of their topics are window forensics and memory forensics. 


This YouTube channel does not only focus on cybersecurity. You’ll also find a couple of great videos here discussing Computer Science. ComputerPhile has more than 139M views and 1.75m subscribers. 

Some of their best videos are about password cracking and AES cryptographic algorithm. You’ll learn a lot of interesting topics not only in cybersecurity but also in computer science. 

OA Labs

This channel doesn’t have a lot of videos. However, it presents real-life hacking scenarios. For instance, it has a video showing the reverse engineering process of a COVID tracker app.

OALabs full name is Open Analysis Live and focuses to reversing and malware analysis. 

Cybersecurity conferences channels

You’ll also learn a lot from these channels. However, some of these conference comes with a fee.

Some of the great cybersecurity YouTube channels featuring conferences are:

  • DEFCON Conference and Black Hat are the most famous conferences around the globe and both of them are on YouTube.
  • Security BSides has a lot of events but London and San Francisco editions upload their videos on YouTube.
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