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How To Learn Cyber Security From Scratch

There’s a growing demand for cybersecurity professionals. Is it possible to learn cyber security without a technical background? Absolutely, yes!

Data breaches once made the headlines again in the past few years. Moreover, it seems like that trend will continue for decades to come. Why? The COVID-19 pandemic made us rely more on technology. 

Hence, the demand for cybersecurity professionals greatly increases. A career in this field is fulfilling and well-compensated. Don’t sell yourself short yet if you are not sure if you have the right skillset. 

A Degree Is Not Always A Must 

Yes, you read that right. Many great cybersecurity professionals come from non-technical backgrounds – too many to mention. Anyone can get started in cybersecurity. You can have a successful career in cybersecurity. 

Yet, you must have a dedicated passion to learn cyber security. Your willingness and desire to learn how technology works will bring you a long way in the industry. Additionally, like in any other job, you must have patience and perseverance to succeed.

Many people think that cybersecurity is all about hacking. However, cybersecurity is actually all about learning how technology (and people work). Moreover, there are a lot of cybersecurity careers that focus more on human problems and require softer skills. Some of these are:

  •  Privacy
  • Security awareness and training
  • Governance 
  • Security communications
  • Cyberlaw and ethics

How To Get Started

Like engineering and healthcare, there are many paths to choose from in cybersecurity. Some of these are:

  • Incident response
  • Mobile device forensics
  • Penetration testing
  • Endpoint security
  • Security awareness

If you are overwhelmed by the variety of choices, don’t worry. Take the time to experiment with and understand all these options. Gauge your interest. Eventually, your interests will guide your path. 

Furthermore, we recommend that you first have an overview of the basics. Below is the list of areas you may start learning. Bein in whatever area interests you the most. 


Learn the basics of administering a system. Linux and Windows are the two most common systems. If possible, start with Linux first. Administering a Linux system and scripting is a powerful skill set that will bring you a long way regardless of the career you choose.


Coding will help you understand the markup language for creating web pages and web applications. Javascript, Python, and Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) are the languages you may start with. There are tons of online resources out there like Code Academy and Khan Academy. 


Learning configuration and maintenance of computer programs will get you a long way in the field. Some of these applications are web servers, databases, or DNS servers. 


Additionally, learning how to network is an invaluable skill in any cybersecurity career. The most common network is your Wi-Fi network.

Learning these areas is now easier than ever thanks to online resources. Thus, you may try searching o Google or YouTube. Moreover, you’ll learn to use a variety of different resources as there is no single resource that provides everything you need. 

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