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Reasons Why Consider a Cisco Cybersecurity Certification

Should you consider getting a Cisco cybersecurity certification? Here are the reasons why.

Cisco is a major player in the networking industry.

Cisco is a worldwide leader in networking for the Internet, and Cisco has a presence in more than 200 countries. Thus, Cisco is a major force in the industry. Moreover, it has a number of products used by companies and organizations to secure their networks.

Cisco has a number of different security products that can be used to protect network infrastructures. These include security appliances such as firewalls, intrusion prevention systems (IPS), and other security devices. Cisco also has a number of cybersecurity software solutions such as Cisco Security Agent (CSA).

It can help you with entry-level cybersecurity jobs.

Cisco has certifications for IT professionals who want to get an entry-level position with the company. These include CCNA Security, CCNA Cyber Ops, CCNP Security, and CCIE Cyber Ops. The company also offers additional certifications for people who work at higher levels within the company; and who has more experience with Cisco products and technologies.

More Reasons Why

There are several reasons why someone should consider pursuing a Cisco cyber security certification.

Major companies recognize Cisco.

First, the company offers cybersecurity certifications that are recognized by major companies such as Dell, IBM, HPE, and many others. This means that if you pursue one of the certifications offered by Cisco you will be able to get an entry-level IT position with big companies around the world.

A lot of companies majorly look for Cisco certifications.

Second, while there are numerous cybersecurity certifications available from different vendors, many employers will only look at Cisco’s certifications. This is because employers know and trust Cisco and its products and technologies. 

So if you pursue certification from another vendor you may have to demonstrate additional skills. For instance, when applying for jobs at companies that use Cisco’s products. Many employees have certified training on technologies from many different vendors but most employers don’t require that level of knowledge so they will only require that you have training on technologies from one or two vendors if they are Cisco certified. 

There are also some restrictions regarding where you can work based on what certifications you have so it’s important to research this before getting your certification(s).

Finally, there are several reasons why employers look favorably on people who have earned one or more of these certifications. First, these certifications show that someone can work with cutting-edge technology. This is important because technology changes rapidly in this industry so it’s important to be able to keep up with new developments as they happen. Second, these certifications show that someone has received formal training in the field and can use that training in their job. 

This means that employers know that the person has the skills needed to do the job and they can expect them to continue learning and growing in their career. If someone is just starting out in their career and is still working on getting their first certification it shows that they are motivated to succeed. It also shows them that this person is willing to put the time and effort into studying for certification because this is an indication of how they will work on their job.

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