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The Cybersecurity Hub: Product Descriptions

You are probably looking for a place to find cybersecurity products. Well, the cybersecurity hub is the right shop for you. Although they only offer 12 products, each of the products is worth more than no products at all.

From a simple door stop alarm to a complex IP Camera, the cybersecurity hub offers affordable products to help you get the job done more easily. Moreover, the best part, all items ranges from 10$-70$, in which case, is a reasonable choice.

First, we will discuss what the shop is all about and then list all the products available and their description. You will then learn what’s appropriate for you and what is not.


The cybersecurity hub is an online store that mostly about cybersecurity.  They offer products for people who want to secure their computers from hacking, viruses, worms, Trojans, ransomware, and other unpleasant apps and malicious programs.

Products and How Much It Costs

Furthermore, let’s take a look at all the products below. We will list all down from the cheapest to expensive order.

Wireless Vibration Door Stop Alarm (19.95$)

For use on any occasion that requires protection, anti-wolf anti-theft thief can also prevent abnormal intrusion. If an intruder attempts to enter, the unit will wedge underneath the door. Allows you to adjust the amount of movement required to set off the alarm.

Water Overflow Leakage Alarm Detector (19.95$)

The leak alert wifi provides a loud audio alert to homeowners, business owners, and renters. Also, to use it again, you just need to dry up the wet spot.

Door Stopper Alarm Floor Warning (19.95$)

With this door alarm stopper under your door, you have successfully installed a self-defense strategy. You can use this alarm floor warning at the home, office, and even at the hotel. If someone tries to open the door without your approval, the alarm will sound at 120 DB.

4 Digit Computer Lock Security Chain For Laptop (19.95$)

This security key for laptop is made of durable and cut resistant galvanized steel cable that is around 6ft in length. High-quality stainless steel lock resists damage with its smooth locking operation.

Security Entry Defender Infrared Beam Sensor (24.95$)

This security defender system not only serves as a chime doorbell during the daytime, but it also acts as an infrared alarm kit at night. The alarm kit will notify you in the event of a burglar at night. 

HD WiFi Wireless Security Camera (24.95$)

Cyber Warrior Security Power T-Shirt (24.95$)

PC/Laptop Biometric USB Fingerprint Reader (29.95$)

Includes software which supports to encrypt for Windows Login, Screen Saver Lock, Password bank, File/Folder Encryption, Virtual Disk Drive. 

Original Anti-theft Security Key for Laptop (29.99$)

The patented T-bar locking mechanism provides great strength and theft protection.

A rotating head and pivoting cable allow you to easily connect to your laptop and position the lock

CyberX™ Welding Punk Sunglasses (39.97$)

This luxurious wielding punk eyeglasses will add glamour and style to your carnival or party attire making you the talk of the town.

Allsafe Cybersecurity T-Shirt (39.97$)

This men’s T-shirt top is made of high-quality cotton material that will stand the test of time even with the roughest use possible.

Cyber Security Hub IP Camera (69.95$)

This Ip camera comes with a high sensitivity motion detector that tracks the movement of moving objects until it disappears away from the monitoring.

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