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Udemy Cyber Security Courses- Review 2020

Learn Udemy cyber security courses. Learn 2020’s latest methods on how to protect and secure your organization from the never-ending threat of outside hackers or even an inside intruder.

Moreover, we will discuss what you’ll learn from this course. Which includes the requirements, a brief description of the subject. For instance, how everything works in cyberspace, the topics to be tackled upon. Also, where to get the most out of this experience.

You’re now really eager to acquire certain skills required to maintain smooth system operations and protection. Let’s kick right into what you’ll learn from this course.

What You’ll Learn?

You will understand the cybersecurity basics. Moreover, be up-to-date with the recent developments in this area. Also learn how to deal with cybersecurity issues, do basic security on the internet and computers.


  • Basic knowledge of the Internet.
  • Also, you should know how to work on computers.
  • In addition, students should have an interest in the subject of Cyber Security.

Brief Description About Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is the body of technologies, processes, and practices. Which is built to protect networks, data, and computers from attack, damage, and unauthorized access. 

Moreover, cybersecurity training educates professionals to spot system flaws, vulnerabilities, fend off attacks. Also to immediately create countermeasures to respond to emergencies.

We depend on technology heavily these days, which also translates to more opportunities from online hackers. This is when cybersecurity comes in handy.

Furthermore, let’s look at some valued points about this matter.

How Everything Works

Who attacks? Two things come to mind. The attacker might be an outsider who knows how to hack systems. Or an insider who knows how the system works and betrays the company.

In addition, how they carry attacks? Mostly through viruses invading the systems. Aside from that, it can also be carried through a USB or clicking an unauthorized link.

When will the attack take place? Most of the time, it will take place when your system is vulnerable. However, you have to be worry that it will take place at any moment.

Which area is hit? Cyberspace is a limitless stretch so the attack can occur in any area.

Why attacks occur? The main thing is money. External agents might steal information to leak them to someone in exchange for money, Another thing to note is revenge, its also a factor.

Course Topics

1. Basics of Cyber Security

2. Common Threats

3. Also, National and International Actions

4. Principles of Cyber Security

5. Elements of Cyber Security

6. Certifications

7. Job Market

8. Cyber Kill Chain

9. Legal Issues and Global Regulation

10. Role of Government

Who Is This Course For

  • Students who are above 9 yrs. old
  • Computer Science Professionals.
  • Corporates, Chief Information Officer, Chief Information Security Officer, and Chief Financial Officer
  • Also, employees of organizations.
  • Information Technology Professionals.
  • National Security Advisor
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Website Developers
  • Software Engineers

In Conclusion: Where To Enroll

To enroll in Udemy cyber security course, visit Udemy’s site and sign-up for the course. They also have a lot of courses related to cybersecurity. Because the more knowledge you get about cybersecurity, the better success your organization is going to attain.

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