artificial intelligence in cyber security

The Impact of Artificial Intelligence in Cyber Security

So far, the impact of artificial intelligence in cyber security has been very exceptional.

AI has tools that help fight cyber crimes and prevent scams. These tools include Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing.

Moreover, these new technologies allow security experts to fix threats. This time, with confidence and speed. Hence, cybersecurity continues to improve with the help of AI.

But, you may wonder, “What is Artificial Intelligence?”

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence refers to the system of machines and programs. These programs mimic human thinking.

Also, they can solve problems that are included in their programming. And this can be very helpful in fixing your cybersecurity issues.

Artificial Intelligence in Cyber Security

As mentioned, they have tools that fix cyber threats. AI can also remove unwanted data. It makes experts improve the cyber environment.

Besides, AI has automated techniques. It helps detect cybersecurity threats.

Further, AI can “learn” or analyze vast data. This ability allows AI technologies to learn how to reduce cyberattacks.

Additionally, AI can help make and improve effective security standards. Thus, they can help security experts develop better recovery strategies.

Also, AI can create a real-time validation framework. It allows users to change location or network access privileges. This comes handy when breaches happen.

AI’s Machine Learning in Cybersecurity

Many companies around the world use AI in cybersecurity. The Machine Learning products of AI can detect and guard against threats. It includes malware, ransomware, and trojan horses.

Besides, they can identify strange network traffic. It includes remote file access, Bitcoin mining, and force logins. Thus, AI can help secure the entire company.

Here are some of the other gains of machine learning in cybersecurity:

  • examine the endpoints for cyberattacks
  • improve human understanding and analysis
  • no zero-day security vulnerabilities

Artificial Intelligence and Human Teams

AI results in new learnings, which help human teams know more about cybersecurity.

This new levels of intelligence include the following:

  • IT Asset Index
  • Threat Knowledge
  • Controls Effectiveness
  • Prediction of Data and Security Breaches
  • Security Incident Response
  • Augmented Analysis of Cyber Data

AI Adopters for Cybersecurity

The advantages of AI in cybersecurity inspired many. Today, companies and firms to use this for their cybersecurity.

Take Google’s Gmail as an example. It uses AI’s machine learning to block 100 million spams every day.

Their AI technologies filter emails. Thus, it allows for a spam-free cyber environment.

Also, Watson of IBM uses artificial intelligence to identify cyber threats. They also use AI to develop cybersecurity solutions.

Another example is the Cloud Video Intelligence platform of Google. They use Deep Learning AI for their network security. So, the AI programs alert them when something unusual happens.

Lastly, Balbix uses AI to predict security risks. Thanks to AI, their IT systems are now protected against data and security breaches.


Artificial Intelligence developed as a new technology that helps human security teams. Besides, we can no longer measure how important it is to have a secured network or system.

Artificial Intelligence in cyber security can help cut risks and rapidly detect malware. These benefits are a scratch on the surface. Thus, AI can help enrich our lives and improve cybersecurity a lot more.

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