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Top 5 Cybersecurity Sites You Have To Follow

Here are the top 5 cybersecurity sites to help you keep updated in the IT world.

The information security world is growing every single day. In that case, network professionals have to regularly educate themselves about network security. Network security covers many different areas.

For example, it is important to enhance cloud security to protect the organization’s confidential data. Besides, network security also covers access control, web security, mobile device security, and many more.

Indeed, it is important to stay updated with the latest trends, threats, and advancements. We are thankful that the Internet provides many great resources to help us with that. With that in mind, we compiled the top 5 cybersecurity sites to help you stay updated.

Sans Institute was established in 1989. It specializes in information security, cybersecurity training, and certification. Moreover, this institute is in 90 cities all over the globe. Also, you will find a large archive of materials about network security on their website Additionally, they offer an in-depth course on intrusion detection. The website also provides whitepapers on network security. Furthermore, their site is one of the best cybersecurity sites out there.

Adam Shostack and Friends

Adam Shostack and Friends is a group blog that discusses security, liberty, privacy, and economics. However, their site focuses on cybersecurity. But they also write about other irrelevant yet interesting topics. Some examples are ID management and 3D printing. Even so, the blogs are grouped into categories so you will not have a hard time finding the information you need. 

Brian Krebs

Journalists are also great resources to keep us updated on cybersecurity. One notable example is Brian Krebs. He is an investigative journalist that focuses on cybercrime and other related topics. Furthermore, his expertise and connections in the security industry provide a unique perspective. He finds angles in a story that major publications often miss. Brian is meticulous and dedicated to uncovering every motive and technique in an attack.

Kasperky’s Labs

The name of this organization’s publication is Threatpost. It focuses on new threats and attacks. This is a must-see for the benefit of your organization. Their site is a great resource to help you ensure that your organization and your employees don’t expose themselves to cyber threats. Kaspersky’s Labs are usually the first to report a new risk that may be affecting organizations at large.

Dark Reading

Dark Reading is one of the most widely visited cybersecurity sites. It currently has a lot of readers and is a trusted community of cybersecurity professionals. Furthermore, they aim to educate security staffers and decision-makers about new cyber risks and technology trends. Their website collaborates with cyber security experts, specialists, and analysts. They want to provide timely, accurate, and informative articles. Those articles lead to spirited discussions.

These are just some examples of cybersecurity sites you should check out. There are still tons of websites out there. In this video, you will find out more about why should you explore such sites: 

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