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Top Global Cybersecurity Companies In 2020

Cybersecurity companies today are surely today’s heroes. They protect and safeguard users from cyber harm. That is equal to protecting a company from financial liabilities and burdens. 

What A CyberSecurity Company Can Do?

These cybersecurity companies ensure that their users are fully equipped. And even resilient in case a cyberattack does occur.

Billions of dollars are invested in cybersecurity alone. That is based on research conducted on a worldwide scale. That is because of the alarming influx of cybercrimes overtime.

These companies not only protect users from cyber harm. But these companies also help their users be confident enough. 

Most especially for companies. Having strong cybersecurity measures implemented builds their customer’s trust. This also increases their productivity rate. It excuses the company from unnecessary liabilities brought from cyber attacks.

Below, let us see the top cybersecurity securities today. Also, as of how they’re doing in the market.

Top Cybersecurity Companies Today


In the business since 1989. With a revenue of 25 million dollars. ScienceSoft is surely a pillar of security in the cyberworld. Besides, Science Soft is equipped with Certified Ethical Hackers. All receives optimum training in the field. 

These professionals are best in penetration testing. Also with doing tests on the company’s networks, servers, IDS/IPSs. APIs and firewalls. Plus, they also test the front and back end of the web. Which includes both mobile and desktop apps.

On the other hand, Science Soft has completed more than 150 security testings. Which also includes consulting projects. All in the field of healthcare, retail, banking, manufacturing, and telecoms.

Main Services Include The Following:
  • Vulnerability assessment
  • Security code review
  • Infrastructure security audit
  • Penetration testing
  • Compliance testing


ImmuniWeb serves global companies. Also, ImmuniWeb is Swiss-based. This cybersecurity company is also best in continuous web security, and compliance monitoring. Also, ImmuniWeb does security testing. 

Moreover, ImmuniWeb enhances its services with Dark Web monitoring. They also offer mobile penetration testing. This works on both Android and iOS applications. And also with Third-party content, and Backend API.

They are the winner of SC Awards Europe 2018. That was in the ‘Best Usage of AI and Machine Learning’.

ImmuniWeb offers FREE online tools available. Of which includes:
  • Phishing Test
  • Mobile App Security test
  • Website Security Test
  • SSL Security Test


Another global cybersecurity company is Intruder. Intruder aims to help organizations mitigate cyberattack risks. What they do is they provide effortless cybersecurity solutions.

Moreover, their product is cloud-based. Also, it allows a holistic scanning of the networks’ vulnerabilities.

The intruder was selected for GCHQ’s Cyber Accelerator. Overall, Intruder helps businesses of all sizes safe from these cyber harm.


This cybersecurity company begins in 2012. But even so, this is the most trusted by most fortune 500 companies. Not to mention the Forbes Global 1000 companies.

HackerOne aims to prevent attacks from occurring. Thus, they do this by fixing critical weak points beforehand.

Also, HackerOne has offices in New York, Netherlands, Singapore, and London. But it’s headquarters is located in San Francisco.

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