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What Is CrowdStrike Trump Mentioned to Ukraine’s President?

On 25th September 2019, the White House published a July call transcript between the U.S. President Donald Trump and Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky. Whereas, Trump mentioned in the call the company ‘CrowdStrike.’ What is the CrowdStrike Trump mentioned in this call?

Trump requested Zelensky to look after the cybersecurity firm CrowdStrike. Additionally, the company investigated the hack on DNC in 2016. In this article, we will get to know more about CrowdStrike. 

History of CrowdStrike

CrowdStrike has three founders, namely:

  • George Kurtz (CEO)
  • Dmiti Alperovitch (CTO) 
  • Gregg Martson (CFO, retired)

These three co-founded the company in 2011. A year after, the company hired Shawn Henry to lead the sister company, CrowdStrike Services. Thus, the latter focused on proactive and incident services.

More About CrowdStrike

This company is based in Sunnyvale, California. Moreover, it is a provider of endpoint protection and threat intelligence. Furthermore, CrowdStrike also offers pre and post response to cyber threats. The company’s mission is: “To Keep the Bad Guys Out of Your Network.” 

The company investigated several high-profile cyberattacks. For example, the 2014 Sony Pictures hack and the 2015-16 attacks on Democratic National Committee. 

CrowdStrike’s Goal

George Kurtz sums up the company goal. He is the president of the company. He explained:

“We are building software to defeat the human mind. They (attackers) are using their cunning and skill to get into every large company on the planet, and we have to build technology that we know they are trying to defeat. Ultimately, we have to stay ahead of them.”

In other words, the company aims for bad actors. Furthermore, they aim for the root, not their malware.

CrowdStrike’s Falcon

The same CrowdStrike Trump mentioned makes an antivirus-like product. CrowdStrke named it Falcon. Furthermore, this is a cloud-based software that protects computers from malware. Falcon is the main product of CrowdStrike. Moreover, Falcon is being sold to big corporations to protect their data. 

Among its notable customers are MIT, Amazon Web Services, and MIT. Also, Falcon provided threat intelligence and attribution to nation-state actors. It also serves various states and cities.

Falcon is a unified set of cloud-delivered technologies that prevent all types of attacks. Moreover, Falcon’s host is a tiny and lightweight sensor. The sensor has enough intelligence to detect threats and prevent those from happening. Additionally, CrowdStrike installs the sensors on every endpoint.

Afterward, the sensors transmit relevant data to CrowdStrike’s Advanced Threat Intelligence Cloud. Also, many personnel analyzes the data.

Solutions That The Falcon Offer

The CrowdStrike Falcon Platform includes:

  • Falcon Prevent — Next-Generation Antivirus (NGAV)

This has antivirus capabilities that protect the company’s systems from malware. 

  • Falcon Insight — Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)

Insight allows companies to have continuous monitoring of their systems. Moreover, it is real-time comprehensive visibility. Insight ensures that nothing is missed. As a result, the chances of breaches getting detected are very high.

  • Falcon OverWatch — Managed Threat Hunting

Overwatch is a dedicated team that works for you 24/7. 

  • Falcon Discover — Security Hygiene

Discover offers network security monitoring and IT hygiene by identifying unauthorized endpoints, credentials, and applications in your organization.

In case you are wondering what’s the story behind this CrowdStrike Trump issue, check the video below.

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