data loss prevention

What is Data Loss Prevention?

Data loss prevention (DLP) is a strategy for enhancing information security and preventing data breaches in the workplace. It stops end-users from transferring sensitive data outside of the network. DLP also refers to solutions that allow a network administrator to keep track of the data that end users access and share.

Know more about data loss prevention below.

Data Loss Prevention System

A data loss prevention (DLP) system is a software and hardware solution that keeps track of data and restricts its movement. The system detects unauthorized transfer of sensitive data, not just by an individual user but also by malware.

DLP systems are also by-design to stop data leakage, protect confidential information, and ensure compliance with corporate policies. They are also often installed on network servers. They should be useful in tandem with other security measures.

What Are the Types of Data Loss Prevention?

There are two types of DLP solutions:

DLP software: 

DLP software is installed on network servers and it watches the network for sensitive data like credit card numbers and Social Security numbers. It also identifies and alerts the network administrator if there is any unauthorized access or transfer of the data. 

The software can also prevent sensitive data from being copied to USB storage devices. It is often useful in conjunction with DLP hardware.

DLP hardware: 

DLP hardware works like a firewall and monitors the data traffic on the network. Deployment is usually between the network and the Internet. The hardware installation is also on network servers. The hardware can also be placed at the access points of the network. It also monitors all the data that moves through it. 

These are just two options of DLP solutions that are available in the market today.

What Are the Benefits of Data Loss Prevention?

Data loss prevention has several benefits, especially if deployed as part of an overall information security strategy: 

Blocks illicit access to data.

Data loss prevention (DLP) solution blocks unauthorized data transfers within an organization’s network. DLP software and hardware products can help identify and prevent sensitive or confidential information from leaving your company’s network or being copied to USB drives or other removable media. 

DLP products can also protect your organization’s data when it is sent wirelessly to mobile devices like smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

Useful in every industry.

DLP products are used in almost every industry, including financial services, healthcare, government, energy, manufacturing, retail, education, and more. As the cost of data breaches continues to grow for businesses of all sizes – many organizations are finding that implementing a DLP solution is one of their best bets for protecting sensitive information from being compromised. 

A DLP solution can fight against accidental leaks as well as malicious data theft by employees or third parties. 


Data loss prevention (DLP) is a solution that helps prevent data breaches. It operates on network servers and can be installed on the network itself. DLP software secures data by preventing it from leaving the network, while DLP hardware can be used to secure data as it moves through the network. A DLP solution is an effective tool for safeguarding sensitive or confidential information from being stolen or accidentally leaked.

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