Cybersecurity Career Path

Cybersecurity Career Path: What It Takes To Be A Cybersecurity Analyst

Pursuing a cybersecurity career path is undoubtedly one of the most aspiring professions today. With the fast growth of cyber crimes and data breaches, these skilled people are mostly in demand.

One of the most in-demand professions in the field is a cybersecurity analyst.

Are you planning to be one? This post will discuss the following points:

  • What is a cybersecurity analyst responsible for?
  • How can you gain competence? 

Cybersecurity Career Path: What Is A Cybersecurity Analyst?

First of all, what is a cybersecurity analyst?

A cybersecurity analyst protects and secures a company from any cyber harm. These cyber harms may be of any kind possible. Malware, viruses, data breaches, and phishing scams, for instance.

Basic Duties Of A Cybersecurity Analyst

But specifically, there are duties that cybersecurity analysts are devoted to. As the job position’s name suggests, they are more subjected to doing analyses. 

But conducting the analysis can be torn down into different steps. For instance, consider the following.

1. Assess

First, a cybersecurity analyst assesses the overall cyber health of a company. Included in its assessment is the company’s existing security measures.

So they should assess if these measures are enough. Also, they should see to it works as it is planned. 

Then, the following steps should follow.

2. Plan

According to the assessment, they lead the planning of security protocols. A company may have an existing security protocol on hand, but a cybersecurity analyst can update it depending on the needs.

3. Implement

Thirdly, the plan should be implemented. In this regard, cybersecurity analysts should also take the lead. Perhaps they can put it into effect by documenting it on paper. Also by spreading awareness throughout the organization through training sessions, perhaps.

4. Tests

Lastly, the process should never end. Because a cybersecurity analyst should continually test procedures. 

Their tests aim to answer the needs. In case the test shows that implemented controls are lacking in some regard, upgrade or modifying of protocols may be initiated.

Other Duties Of A Cybersecurity Analyst

  • Tests for vulnerabilities to further boost systems
  • Works with a team or with the IT department
  • Resolves emerging issues in the systems and networks

How Can You Become A Competent Cybersecurity Analyst?

So here are four steps that can help you land a career in being a cybersecurity analyst.

Step One: Earn a Bachelor’s Degree

First, you should earn a bachelor’s degree in cybersecurity. However, this does not limit to cybersecurity alone. It can be anything relevant in between. Perhaps with information technology or computer science.

Step Two: Complete Internship

Next, make sure you can show you have experience in the field. So you can opt and apply for internship programs. By doing so, you show that you are someone qualified to perform more than theoretical learnings.

Step Three: Gain Certifications

Gaining certifications may not be necessary. But it can add to your credibility as a professional. It can also speed up job promotions, for instance.

Step Four: Have an Entry-Level Position

Before applying for a cybersecurity analyst position, start with the basics. For example, you can try applying for an entry-level position in general IT or IS.

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