Cybersecurity Month

How To Actively Engage Employees For The Cybersecurity Month?

Every October, companies and different institutions celebrate cybersecurity month. 

What Is A Cybersecurity Month?

Cybersecurity month is a national event sponsored by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. This is an annual event held every month of October.

What Is The Goal Of This Event? 

Basically, the goal of this event is ‘to raise awareness’ about cybersecurity. Importance of good cybersecurity hygiene, for instance. So it is expected to have training sessions during the month.

However, mere training sessions are rigid in nature. So it is natural for employees to be passive at some point. 

On the other hand, our goal is not only to passively make way for the cybersecurity month. 

Are you thinking of ways on how can you actively involve your employees in the event? 

Of course, training sessions are vital. But these should not make up the whole month’s activity. Although cybersecurity is a tough topic, awareness ain’t be that same way. Perhaps you can make it interesting and engaging.

But, how?

This post will tackle more about this. Below, we will be outlining different ideas and ways on how you can create an engaging and creative cybersecurity month.

Different Ways Of Creating An Engaging Cybersecurity Month

See the following suggestions on how you can create an engaging cybersecurity month. Perhaps you can pick up some ideas and tailor them to your own needs by the next cybersecurity month.

1. Plan It Into A Series Of Events

The usual game is that you simply announce that it is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month. There is nothing wrong with that.

However, our goal is not to simply inform but to engage. So how can you do so?

  • Instead of simply announcing, create a lecture series. Perhaps it can be done once a week throughout the month.
  • Try to have infosec lunches or a scavenger hunt, for instance.
  • Set a theme every week. Then tailor your events each week according to the theme. For example, in the first week, your theme will be password management. The next week, it can be mobile security and the idea goes on

As long as you keep the spirits high for cybersecurity awareness, do it. Your goal is to inculcate good cybersecurity habits in your employees.

2. Have It Fun. Have Games

As mentioned, you can try setting a weekly theme related to the event. For example, you can play games about it. 

Perhaps you can create phishing tests or password management exams. Also, don’t forget to give prizes. This way, you can get to know your employees’ maturity in cybersecurity. Besides, you are letting them learn in a fun and engaging way.

3. Give Rewards

Giving rewards is one thing. Aside from rewarding those in the IT team, why not give rewards to even those who are non-technical employees? For example, he spots a phishing email and reports it. Although he is not on the technical side, why not reward him?

This way, you are giving employees positive reinforcement of following cyber protocols. That is, no matter in which department they are in.

Always remember,  cybersecurity month need not be blunt. It can be an opportunity to gather employees together as one. Make it fun. Make it as one.

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