mobile device security awareness

Mobile Device Security Awareness Topics

Here are the topics that you should include in your mobile device security awareness training in the workplace:

Mobile Device Security Awareness Topics

Data security:  

As employees will be accessing corporate email and other corporate data on their mobile devices, you need to make sure that they understand that they are responsible for the security of this data. 

They must use a PIN, password, or unlock pattern to secure the device. And they should not give the device to anyone else to use and they should not leave it out of their sight when not in use. They should also make sure that they have a remote wipe application installed on the device and that they can use it when needed. 

If an employee leaves the organization, it is also important to educate them on wiping their data from the device before handing it back in. Be aware of social engineering attacks: In recent years, there has been an increase in social engineering attacks aimed at mobile devices. Attackers who can get your mobile device number can then use this to send you text messages that appear to come from your company’s IT department or other trusted source. 

A typical message might read “Your company has an issue with your account and needs you to verify your identity by responding with your password.” These are known as phishing scams and you should never respond to such messages.

Security software:  

You should teach employees about using antivirus software and having it updated periodically and performing regular scanning of devices. Antivirus software can detect malware before it infects devices, but people still need to install security updates regularly on their devices as well as have good anti-malware protection on their smartphone and tablet devices. 

Mobile Security Awareness Training Tips For Employees

1. Never share passwords with anyone, including IT staff from your organization or any other company.

2. Make sure you keep track of all passwords for work accounts; as well as personal accounts for all of the apps installed on your phone.

3. Do not click on links sent via SMS or email. That is, unless you are sure that the sender is who they claim to be. 

4. Do not download any app from an untrusted source.

5. Keep your phone updated with the latest version of the operating system for your particular device.

6. If you plan on leaving your current employer in the near future, take steps to remove all corporate information from your smartphone before you leave the organization.

7. Use a PIN code, password, or unlock pattern lock to secure your smartphone (if this is possible) 


In summary, mobile device security awareness training is important for all organizations and especially those who have BYOD programs. Be sure to consider these 7 tips when developing your mobile security awareness training program. In addition, mobile device security awareness training can be used to educate employees on keeping work and personal data separate on their devices.

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