secure your mobile device

How to Secure your Mobile Device

How can you secure your mobile device?

We recommend that you have a password on your device to keep it secure. You also should update your device with the latest software to help prevent bugs and viruses. Also, be sure to set your device to automatically update apps when you are connected to Wi-Fi.

How to Secure your Mobile Device

Be cautious of data collection

While the use of smartphones can help in the gathering of data through the use of sensors, we recommend that you do not pay attention to the advertising. If an app is trying to collect too much data or is not clear on its request, resist installing it. The most important thing you can do is simply make informed decisions about what kind of information you share online.

Be careful about your online activity

Your smartphone has a microphone and camera. It can also be used as a tracking device since it connects to local networks and cell towers. In some cases, your location can be tracked using your smartphone’s Wi-Fi or Bluetooth functions. Before you go online, be aware of the risks and how best to protect yourself.

Don’t use your phone while driving

Using your mobile device while driving can be dangerous. We recommend that you don’t talk and drive. If you do need to make a call or send a text message, pull over to a safe location. If you get an important call, we recommend that you pull over to the side of the road and stop before answering. 

Also, be sure not to touch your device while driving. Use hands-free accessories, such as headsets and Bluetooth devices, to avoid distractions and potential accidents.

Protect yourself from phishing scams

There are many different ways that you can get hacked. One of these ways is by being scammed through phishing emails and texts. Phishing is when someone tries to trick you into giving them personal information or clicking on a link for them to steal your information for malicious reasons. Be sure to stay away from any links that have given you strange messages or emails.

Wipe the device before you sell it or give it away

If you’re going to sell or give away your mobile device, be sure that you are deleting all of your information from it first! Deleting the information will help protect yourself and others from mistakenly using the wrong device because they don’t realize that there is personal information stored on it. Deleting information will also help keep others from accessing any of your private data if they do happen to get their hands on it.

Encrypt your device before traveling abroad

Before traveling abroad with your phone or tablet, be sure that you encrypt the data! Encrypting the data on your device means that no one else will be able to access it if it does get lost or stolen, even if someone were to hack into it.

Encrypting the device means that all of the data on it will be scrambled so no one else can access anything private on there. Encrypting is easy! You can do it by going into Settings and then Security or General on your device and enabling encryption there. 

If you’re traveling internationally with a smartphone, we recommend that you enable encryption on it as well as set up a temporary passcode that will only last while traveling internationally so there’s no chance someone can access anything if they steal the phone. Encrypting the device can help protect you if you do get hacked! 

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