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Must-Watch Cybersecurity Movies & Series

Cybersecurity is an exciting career in the real world! These cybersecurity movies will entertain and inspire you to learn cybersecurity. Without further ado, let’s start listing down the best cybersecurity movies. You surely don’t want to pass these up!

The Great Hack 

Indeed, data is a valuable asset for every enterprise. It helps them to better understand the market. However, data might turn into a strong weapon against society if it lands in the wrong hands.

This shocking documentary will open your eyes to facing the reality of our online lives. Moreover, it exposes how large companies use our data to manipulate us. Furthermore, the documentary provides an in-depth look at the Facebook data breach scandal with Cambridge Analytica.

‘The Great Hack’ will make you think twice before revealing any personal data.

Who Am I 

“No system is safe and even a human being is hackable”. This is a notable motto in ‘Who Am I. It is a German techno-thriller that will change our perceptions of human security. The movie focuses on Benjamin, a young social outcast that turned into a professional hacker.

Benjamin later met other online disruptors. These hackers formed CLAY. CLAY means Clowns Laughing at You. CLAY’s mission is to hack and humiliate large corporations. 

The Imitation Game 

This is an Oscar-nominated movie with Benedict Cumberbatch as the lead role. The time is set during World War 2. The story is about a genius British mathematician Alan Turing getting recruited by a newly created British agency. Turing’s task was to crack Germany’s enigma code. 

Indeed, cybersecurity is very different today compared to the one in the movie. However, it is still relevant because these are the types of national security applications still used up to our time.

The Social Network 

David Kirkpatrick, the author of the Facebook effect, said that the movie is only 40% accurate and includes a lot of fictional effects. Yet, it’s still worth watching. This US biographical drama narrates Facebook’s story and its founder Mark Zuckerberg. The movie got its inspiration from the book The Accidental Billionaires by Ben Mezrich.

There are just many lessons to learn from this movie. It shows true friendship, loneliness, love, and betrayal. Moreover, we’ll also witness in this movie how a man transformed an idea into a huge multi-billion dollar empire.

WarGames: The Dead Code 

This movie was nominated for the Academy Awards and has been considered quite influential. This is about the hunt of U.S. Homeland Security on the two teenagers who accidentally hack into the U.S. military supercomputer. Furthermore, the government programmed that supercomputer to predict and execute a nuclear war against the Soviet Union.

Mr. Robot 

The hacking scenes in the series are very realistic and genuine. Hence, chances are that you’ll get hooked on this series. The story focuses on Elliot Alderson, a talented hacker and cybersecurity engineer. Alderson suffers from clinical depression but his life changed when Mr. Robot invites him to be a member of a group of hacktivists.

The group’s mission is to destroy the world’s largest financial conglomerate. Moreover, the hackers in this movie used genuine hacking methods. 

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